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Beverly Hills 90210 episode reviews- Season 2

Updated on May 13, 2009

Beverly Hills 90210- Season 2 Review

Here I'm going to review some of my favorite episodes is season 2. Season 2 was when I first started watching 90210, and I probably have the first 2 episodes of season 2 memorized, because I watched them so much! This was where the show started improving a little bit. Some of the greatest episodes, including my very favorite episode, are in season 2. I won't review them all, just the ones that really stood out for me:

1. Beach Blanket Brandon- Ah, this is the famous episode where Dylan and Brenda break up. Everybody knows the scene. "Losing My Religion" by REM is playing in Dylan's car, Brenda is blubbering like an idiot about how the relationship has become too intense for her. Dylan is trying his hardest not to cry himself. Very emotional scene here, especially for 1991. What led up to the break-up was a pregnancy scare, and ya, if I was Brenda, I'd be a little scared too. But how could she cut Dylan loose like that, when she really was the only person he had? Okay enough Oprah talk! The scene at the gynecologist cracks me up every time. Dylan goes with her to find out if she really is pregnant, and the second he finds out she isn't, he asks her to go on the birth control pill. lol. Typical guy! Brenda throws a fit as always, and storms out. This is pretty much a character trait for Brenda throughout her run on the show. She's always throwing fits, but I still love her.

Anyway, the flip side of this story is Brandon trying to get a job at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, which is another thing that always cracked me up. The Beverly Hills Beach Club? Last time I checked, Beverly Hills was nowhere near the beach. You gotta go to Malibu to get the sand and the ocean. Moving on, Brandon gets the job as a cabana boy but he's gotta bail on Nat, without giving him 2 weeks notice. First off, that is messed up! I know it's a better job and all, but come on! I guess I would have to be in Brandon's shoes to know what to do. lol.

The end of this episode is sad. I don't think I ever cried over it, but I sure came close. I know how bad break-ups hurt, and I could just feel every ounce of Dylan's pain in this scene. "Well maybe that's what they mean when they say love hurts," he tells her. You go Dylan! I can see why all the girls fell hard for Dylan at this point. He wasn't afraid to show emotion. He was a bad-boy with a soft side. But he didn't stay like that for very long.... Rating: 7/10

2. Summer Storm- This is one of my favorites. The show starts off with Dylan's dad getting arrested, leaving Dylan homeless and broke. He gets hurt surfing, and is taken to the hospital, where Cindy Walsh welcomes him with open arms. She offers Dylan a place to stay while he recovers from his injuries (broken ribs) This infuriates Brenda (big surprise) and she hates the idea of Dylan living with them, because they are broken up now, and it's too weird. Cindy makes a good point telling her "He's Brandon's friend too." Dylan moves in, and Brenda is majorly bitchy towards him. She almost refuses to help him at all. But Dylan tells her he needs her now more than ever, and is basically trying to get her back. She finally gives in to him, and they get into some serious making out on the couch, but in walks Jim Walsh, and he flips out (another big surprise as he has hated Dylan since day one) He can't believe that after all the Walshes did for him that he has the guts to take advantage of his daughter! That night, Dylan overhears Jim telling Cindy that he's kicking him out in 2 more days. Dylan, being Dylan, takes off, and breaks into a cabana at the beach club to spend the night. This is where my tears came. He is flashing back to his childhood, playing in the ocean with his dad. Apparently, this is the one happy memory he has of his childhood. Dylan starts sobbing, and curls himself up into a ball, and that was when I lost it. Watching him cry, combined with the sad R.E.M. song playing in the background really got me. You just don't expect to see a cool guy like Dylan break down like that! But moving on...Brenda makes her dad bring Dylan back home, and all is well. After this episode, Dylan goes to live with his mother in Hawaii for the rest of the summer, and we really don't see him much, which didn't make me happy at all. But I guess he had no other choice, the guy was flat broke! I would do the same thing in that situation. Rating: 9/10....I really liked this one

Best lines Brenda: "First you and Dad tell me not to sleep with him, and then you're tucking him into the next bedroom!"

Dylan: Brandon, you're dad is a lot of things. cool is not one of them

Episode highlights: Steve's bright yellow shorts....yikes!! Dylan's parachute pants (His style sure does change in season 9, when he's wearing suits everyday)

3. Camping Trip- I would have to say this is my favorite episode of season 2, even more than the following episode where Dylan and Brenda get back together. This episode was so random, there was like no storyline at all, and I loved that about it. No corny afterschool special topics here. Well, the whole thing with the newlyweds was kinda corny. But I'll get to that in a minute. The gang all decides to go camping in Yosemite right before school starts up. And it's everybody, even Andrea, who in my opinion wasn't really shown hanging out with the whole gang until now, unless you count the Spring Dance. Dylan decides to go with them at the last minute, and this is where the funny lines come in to play. Cindy tells Brenda "Make sure those boys stay on top of you.....when you're hiking that is." And then Brandon comes in telling Brenda she's gotta make room in the suitcase for Dylan's clothes. Brenda tells him it's too full. Brandon: "You don't want Dylan to go naked do you?" He grins devilishly. "Or do you?" I love it! So, they all head out, and what happens next? Of course it starts pouring rain. And they're forced to stop and get a cabin. But the disaster doesn't end there. There's only one cabin left. Oh no...who sleeps where? David: "There aren't enough beds, where are we all gonna sleep?" Dylan looks at Brenda suggestively, without saying a word. I died the first time I saw that part. Hillarious! This episode just cracks me up to no end. David walks around videotaping everything, from Steve blowing his nose to trying to follow Donna into the bathroom. The scene where Steve tries to buy beer is great too.

Dylan is a total downer is this episode, mainly because his mom, who had just moved back to LA, had ditched him for the weekend to go on a road trip, and he wasn't invited. He's moody and snaps at everybody, including Brenda, when she gets mad at Steve for offering beer to Dylan. Dylan: "Excuse me, I can answer for myself!" Boo ya! Anyway, he storms out after bitching about how he shouldn't have come on the camping trip, cause nobody wants him there. Poor Dylan. Brandon and Andrea have to go get some dry firewood so they go next door to where these newlyweds are honeymooning. Andrea cracks me up in this scene, because she's so nosy and won't shut her trap. And then she watches the newlyweds make out while Brandon is trying to get her to leave. Classic! Then the gang next door gets into this heavy conversation about marriage and divorce, and we find out how old everybody was when their parents got divorced. Very young ages. Brandon and Brenda get teased a little about being the only people they knew whose parents were still married. I can relate to this quite a bit. I was not a child of divorce either, at least not till much later in life. I'm not gonna summarize the whole episode, cause there were some boring parts. But I'll just say this, Dylan storms out of the cabin, after having an argument with Brenda. And if anything important was said, I would remember it. Dylan goes to the woods and starts drinking. It's funny cause he has this airline bottle of some type of booze, can't tell what it is, maybe whiskey? And he just downs the thing in a few seconds. Ya, like it would go down that easily!!! Isn't that the kind of booze you drink in shots? Well, I guess to an alcoholic it's like drinking a soda. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've seen Dylan take a drink, but we all know it's not the last! lol!

The next morning....the rain is gone, and it's nice and sunny. Brandon goes out to find Dylan, who apparently slept in the van. But Dylan is back in the woods, majorly hung over. Dylan confesses to Brandon that he had fallen off the wagon, and that he had puked his guts out the night before. He shows him the two airline bottles of whatever he was drinking. Two airline bottles, and he's THAT hung over? He must have been drinking Everclear or something!!! The two go for a walk and somehow Brandon slips, and all of the sudden, he's hanging off a cliff. Dylan is there to save his life. The whole thing is kinda lame, but I guess it shows the bond between the two friends. Anyway, bottom line: Great episode that made me laugh many many times. One of my favorites, if not my favorite. Rating: 10/10

Episode highlights: Brenda and Kelly's intense Go Fish game, Brandon and Andrea arguing about how to build a fire, the dramatic heavy metal guitar music playing while Dylan is drinking,

Best lines:

Brenda: Can't you accept the fact that I care about you, and I wanna help you without twisting this around?

Dylan: Oh I forgot, you care about me. But I'm just too "intense."

Newlywed: He got me pregnant

Steve: So? He married you didn't he? (Nice Steve, real nice)

Wildfire- Boy, do I remember this episode, better than any of the others. This was the episode that my mom caught me watching, and therefore banned me from watching Beverly Hills 90210. She thought I was way too young for it, and she was probably right. I'll tell you what though....I figured out clever ways to get my 90210 fix. On with the show:

This is the first day of school in their junior year? I guess they all got held back huh. Brandon's dream of him at the beach with all the girls in bikinis is priceless. The "Addicted to Love" song playing as some of the characters are getting ready for school. They're all trying on different outfits and trying out different hairstyles. Andrea is shown sharpening pencils at school. lol. She probably got there like at 6 am! Brenda is wearing a full on suit and tie. Man, was that really the style back then???? Yikes!!! Scott Scanlon comes back from Oklahoma, with a huge cowboy hat on, and new country western cds. He may as well be in Bakersfield.

Here comes this chick on a motorcyle. Enter Emily Valentine. Dylan looks so cool in his Porsche. He could be sitting in a station wagon and he'd still look cool. Dylan asks Emily out, and I was always so upset about that, cause it was bad news for the Dylan and Brenda fans, like me. Now Brandon meets Emily, and he asks her out. Uh oh, I can see problems in the near future.

Andrea meets Emily too, and is sooo jealous already. Andrea was jealous of pretty much every girl that came into Brandon's life during the whole show.

Now, Emily is part of the clique (Brenda, Kelly, Donna) and she is wowing them with her guitar songs. I watch this, and I think to myself, how does Emily fit in with these girls? They are sooo different! But all the girls seem to like her. You're in, Emily!

Afterschool, the girls are sitting at the Walsh house, and Brenda has just invited Emily to their back to school cute. Ring ring. It's Dylan on the phone, but he doesn't want to talk to Brenda this time. Emily mentions that she met a guy named Dylan and that she in fact has a date with him tonight. Brenda goes from totally loving Emily to totally hating her within a matter of seconds, but she keeps her cool.

Dylan brings Emily to the Peach Pit for their date. Of course! Cause there's no other restaurants in L.A. I guess. When Dylan finds out that Brandon knows Emily, he looks a little worried. Ya Dylan, you can date other people but they're always gonna know the Walsh family. The next scene is Dylan and Emily parked at some makeout spot, overlooking the city. Beautiful view. But they're not really there to look at the view are they? They have a hot and heavy makeout session, leaving the viewers to think....did they have sex???

The next day at school, Brenda is soooo bitchy towards Emily, and then jealous because Emily tells them she's going on the pill. Brenda catches Dylan walking by, and runs after him. Brenda's basically being way too nosy asking him all these questions about Emily. And Dylan's response back was brilliant. He tells her that she gave up any right to ask him questions about his sex life, and she decided she didn't want to be a part of it. So she doesn't get any answers I guess. Right on Dylan! Man, the more I analyze Dylan and Brenda, the more I see that they were doomed from the start!!! They had a very angry relationship. But man, I bet he was great in bed!

That night is Brandon's turn with Emily. He takes her to the same makeout spot Dylan took her to, and the same song is playing in his car: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. God, i love this song, it is soooo hot, and it really fits in with all the scenes in this episode.

The next night, everybody is at the Walsh's house for their BBQ, and they're all about to see a catfight break out. Brenda, in front of everybody (including her parents!) bitches out Emily for being such a slut, and Emily basically tells her how hard it is being the new kid in school, and Brenda of all people should understand that. Boo ya Emily! Everybody is mad at Brenda after this, except for her Mom for some reason. She tells Brenda maybe she should be with Dylan if she's so hurt about this. lol. First of all, how many times in this show do we ever hear her parents say that? "Be be with Dylan honey, it's okay." Very strange change of heart.

The next day at school, Brenda tries to apologize, and Emily tells her there's nothing to worry about with Dylan because she is still a virgin. Gasp! Brenda now has to convince Emily to participate in their musical number up on stage at school. Piece of cake!

The girls perform "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" with a very off-key Emily on lead vocal. Dylan's watching Brenda with a big smile...too cute. After the show, at the lockers, Brenda and Emily are making up, and Dylan walks toward both of them. Brenda looks all freaked out, like he's gonna choose Emily. This will be a theme in season 3 for Brenda. Being scared of who Dylan will be choosing. Emily tells Brenda he's a great guy, which cracks me up, because she's been on one date with him. lol.

The next scene is Brenda and Dylan in his car, back at the makeout spot, with "Wicked Game" playing AGAIN. Brenda is basically telling him she wants him back and they can go ahead with their relationship from where they left off. Alright, so they're going ahead with the sex! Yet, we never see this. We only get sexual innuendos, and we have to use our imagination. Yay, Dylan and Brenda are back together finally. So even though Brenda was an immature little baby throughout this entire episode, she ended up getting what she wanted at the end. Nice lesson to be learned by all. Rating: 10/10, just because Dylan and Brenda got back together.

Episode highlights: Scott Scanlon playing corny country songs during David's radio show, the music, the terrible outfits, Scott's sudden interest in guns (We will see more of this soon)

Best lines:

Brenda: So tell me Dylan, why are you really going out with her? (Emily) Because you like her or because...

Dylan: Because what?

Brenda: Because she'll sleep with you.

Dylan: You can't have it both ways Bren. The fact of the matter is you gave up any rights to ask me questions about my sex life, and you decided you didn't wanna be a part of it

Brenda: I'm sorry for everything I put you through.

Dylan: Whatever it took to get you here, it was worth it (I'm sorry but I would have jumped his bones right there!)


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