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Beyonce Releases her Latest Album "LEMONADE"

Updated on May 2, 2016

Boy oh Boy did the world tune into HBO Saturday night on April, 23rd 2016. Beyonce released her visual album of her latest project Lemonade. The hour long visual was all we needed to truly captivate the intended message of Beyonce's full album. In its entirety Beyonce shines light on the alleged infidelity, dishonesty and deceit that took place within her marriage to Rapper JayZ. Where the poetic lyric and visuals portrayed Beyonce's message of true resilience and triumph-ness as a woman, as a mother and a wife. Its all about forgiveness, where Bey expresses the undeniably love she has for her family, Blue Ivy and JayZ.

The album is said to have been named Lemonade from the intrinsic meaning and saying of “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade', which depicts taking what you have and making the best out of the toughest times to make something glorious.

Without a doubt this might be considered the most immaculate delivery of a visual Album that I have ever seen, if anyone has had the creative brilliance to even do the same. Beyonce is genius. She shows just how legendary and musically talented she really is and conquer-ably holds the title of being the Queen. Musically no one can compare to her given power to command the world, to feel what she feels, see what she sees and ultimately relate to what she is going through.

Nevertheless, Once the album was released Beyonce fans and the world reacted to the alleged rumors of JayZ cheating and went in on the line "Becky with the Good Hair". I'll explain. Track four "Sorry" is a strong minded Beyonce, telling Jay that she aint sorry. She is headed to the club and she is fed up with everything. Bey is focused on her daughter and grinding and isn't thinking about him. At the end of the track Beyonce sings..

" They sneaking out the back door, He only want me when I'm not there, He better call Becky with the good hair, He better call Becky with the good hair".

Well, you do the math. Memes of JayZ were posted everywhere.

Every single track on the Album is like fine wine, you can tell every song is very personal, like Beyonce ripped a page right out of her life and showed you. Immediate go to tracks are 6 inch and Hold up. The second track Hold Up which was a fiery scene in the visual movie of Lemonade...Beyonce expresses how "they don't love you how i do".she keeps it real and contemplates being jealous or looking crazy, picking the latter, she lets Jay know that she is the only one really down to ride for him. While these other chicks are just in it for a name.

Track Seven, Love Drought and track eleven All Night , these are the sensual songs of the compilation. Beyonce expresses her love and evens questions "What did she do wrong", she later expresses the immense power they have together and could move mountains. The two songs are beautiful. The powerful message of All Night carries the entire album, where Beyonce lets you know that their love is stronger than his pride. Daddy lesson is a song of course about her father, and how she was raised to be strong, and a solider. Throughout the visual album and even throughout the entire album there are parts where Beyonce expresses her Father leaving her mother.

Freedom which features King Kendrick Lamar is driven by extreme self- power and never quitting along with Formation. The track carries the lyric of " Freedom, Freedom , where are you, cause I need Freedom to" and portrays the motivation of being a winner and empowers the masses.

I encourage everyone to listen to this entire album, their is no way you wouldn't feel every word and every emotion.


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