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Big Brother 14 -- Dan Flips The Switch -- POV Comp

Updated on August 30, 2012

Daddy Rat turns on The Rat Pack

Dan fans are proclaiming Dan is the King of Big Brother and he's usurped Will as the best player of the show. Me, I'm saying he just did what Boogie did a few weeks ago to save him and Frank, only he didn't have to emotionally destroy his partner in the game to do it. Nor did he have to grandstand and put on a floor show the way Dan did. He did the only thing he could do to save himself from eviction. He threw Baby Rat Ian under the bus and offered Mama Rat Britney up as sacrifice to the great god Eviction.

Part of Mama Rat Britney's grand plan to save all the Rat Pack and to force Frank to have to put up Jenn and Joe in Dan and Danielle place was have Dan throw the POV comp and to let her or Shane win. Only problem is Dan decided he didn't like that plan and he certainly didn't trust his fellow Rat Squad so he decided to win the POV for himself. He even said from the Diary Room he didn't care if he had to sacrifice a Rat Packer as long as he saved himself. Before the night was over he would sacrifice them all in a last desperate gamble to stay in the game. Of course, this infuriated Mama Rat, because Dan wasn't going along with her game plan.

It was a weird POV competition. The house guests had to guess what someone was drawing with an Etch-A-Sketch, although I'm sure that wasn't what it was called, but it's basically what it was. And if you answered correctly if you wanted the points you had to take a punishment. Frank was so hungry to get that veto he took whatever punishment was available. He had to take a Chum Bath every time a bell rang. He had to dress like a giant carrot. He had to dip himself in this gross green stuff. And because he spoke during the comp he got disqualified and has to sit out one HOH competition, which means his darling house guests have two weeks running to try and get him out of the game.

Ultimately, the winner of the POV wasn't a Rat Packer, but Jenn, who agreed to be on slop for the rest of the summer to get the POV. See, Baby Rat Ian, that's when you volunteer to go on slop; when you actually get some kind of benefit out of doing it. Earlier, Jenn decided to wake-up and start playing the game and made an alliance with Frank.

As part of his punishment in the POV game Dan had to be locked in the Havenot room with Disco Music blaring and a disco ball on for 24 hours. During his time in seclusion, Dan weighed all his options like the crafty Daddy Rat that he is. He had the choice to remain true to his fellow Rat Packers or throw them all under the bus to save himself and hop on Team Frank. It's a no brainer on what he decided to do. His Rat Packers were waiting outside the door for Dan to come out not knowing what he was planning to do, as Dan didn't say anything, and acted like being stuck in the room had caused him to have some kind of mental breakdown.

Then he dressed in black and gathered everyone together in the house for his funeral. The guy should have been an actor as he cried as he spoke to each and every one of them and the fools cried along with them. If these people weren't so dumb collectively and separately they wouldn't have bought it. If Boogie and Wil had been there they would have been saying, "What is he pulling now?" Then when he got to Danielle he emotionally destroyed her by telling her that she was dead to him, before asking Frank upstairs to talk to him privately.

Later, Dan claimed he did that to Danielle to keep her safe and get her the sympathy vote. What he did was he wanted to give these mentally challenged idiots something to confuse them and occupy their group brain with while he went upstairs and sold them all out. And it worked. While the idiots all gathered around a crushed Danielle comforting her, Dan was naming names.

Ian the Rat came to them wanting an alliance and became their snitch as he spied and reported back to them everything Frank and Boogie said and it was him, not Dan, who got the group to target him and Boogie. Britney is pulling his strings and she's got herself protected from all sides, which is why she's the one who needs to be given the boot. Then Dan promised loyalty to Frank, but Dan is really loyal to Dan so there's no telling just how long he'll keep his word. He'd sell his mother right now to stay in the game.

Anyway, Frank and Dan come up with a plan. They'll bring Jenn into it and get her to use her veto to take Dan down and Frank will put up Britney in Dan's place. That's how you blindside and back door someone, kiddies. Dan easily shines Danielle on and gets her on board, and Jenn agrees to go along with it once she learns all that Ian The Rat did.

Ian gets to decide if he should use his veto first, and he opts not to. Then it's Jenn's turn and The Rat Pack things all is well in Ratville until she opens up her mouth. She's decided to move Dan from the block. Then Frank tells Ian since he has a veto, he can't put him up as a replacement, so he'll put up the person he's most loyal to, Mama Rat Britney. And The Rat Pack is left in shock.

In the DR Britney is blubbering and I'm like save it. When things are going her ways she's being nasty in there attacking someone, but when she's the one to get it she's blubbering expecting everyone to feel sorry for poor little her. Hopefully, if the plan works and Britney is shown the door, someone will leave her as nasty a goodbye message as she left Boogie last week. I bet Boogie is at home laughing his head off over this.

Then we had Ian The Rat going on about how he's going to make Frank pay for this. Be a little hard, worm, while you're cowering under the kitchen sink the minute Frank raises his voice to you.

Tonight, we find out if the plan worked. Let's hope it does. Let's see what Rat Boy does when Mama Rat is around to protect him, since I think the rest of the Rat Pack will tell him to talk to the hand.


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