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Big Brother 14 -- HOH Comp and Nominations -- August 5, 2012

Updated on August 5, 2012

The show picks up where it left off with the HOH competition on the swaying faux ship. The competition is interspersed by everyone's reaction to the twist. Again, I say that Big Brother wanted this twist, so even if America voted against it, there's no way to prove it, since I don't believe the actual votes were visible anywhere, so they can easily lie that the results are in favor of what they wanted.

Boogie says he's never been so unsure what he wants to happen in an HOH competition.

Ian says he felt sick when he found out. It increases the unlikelyhood he'll win it all. Calls it the biggest twist in Big Brother history.

Joe whining because Frank didn't get evicted.

Ashley claims this ruins her game plan. What game plan?

Britney, Dan and Janelle all lie they didn't press the button. Well it sure wasn't Boogie, as he makes clear he's not happy about this, at all.

Boogie is upset because he feels he was about to win $100,000 and now he's there for nothing.

Dan tells Boogie the plan was to vote Frank out, alerting Boogie to all the people who were lying to him.

Jenn whines that Boogie treated her like she was expendable and points out how Boogie goes off with Frank while Ian is still on the boat plank, not supporting him. I'm sorry, but Jenn has got to be the most worthless player this season. I still remember her during the first comp just hanging on to the mattress doing nothing as the clock ran out. She's the one who deserved to be booted out of the game, not Jodi.

Boogie calls Dan out in front of everyone saying he knows he's the one who pushed the button. He's not the only one, but The Chen made sure not to reveal how many of the coaches chose to reset the game.

Brit whines about the HOH comp.

As if the tilting back and forth and having cold water dumped on you wasn't enough, not the players get pelted by bird poop.

Boogie could have hung on longer, but he wants the others to think he's weak. Everyone keeps going on about how good Janelle is at the comps, but Boogie has been better than her at the comps, this year. Not sure if the brainless twits playing this game have even taken notice.

Jenn drops next, so much for all that muscle. Followed by Kentucky Joe, who reveals to Boogie he was going to stay and Frank was going to go.

Ashley goes next. Frank tells Shane, who he's still under the impression is his buddy and has got his back, that if he wins he's putting up two of the coaches. That would be the smart thing to do. The coaches have gotten a free ride up until now. It's time for them to go.

Dan drops next, still planning to go with his plan to throw comps so no one will see him as a threat. This is apparently something he's done before, but none of the ninnies seem to be connecting the dots. None but Wil, who figures that's exactly what Dan is doing. I'm starting to get Team Wil, since he seems to be the only newbie player with any brains. He saw through Janelle and her fake tears and he saw through Dan and his throwing comps.

Frank drops. Boogie tells Frank his good buddy Shane was lying to him and planning to back door him.

Danielle, henceforth know as Dumbbell for what follows, promises Wil if he drops she won't put him up for eviction, so Wil drops.

So does Shane.

Janelle decides to jump off, too, since she feels she's safe since she's in tight with Britney.

Dumbbell says she's going to protect Shane, Dan and Britney. Dan coaches Dumbbell not to fall off, and Joe wants Dan to shut up and let her play on her own.

Ian and Britney jump off when Dumbbell promises them both safety. Maybe it's because she doesn't have many brains upstairs, but Dumbbell is having no problem staying on the plank. She doesn't even seem to notice the cold water or intermittent bird poo splashed on her. So Dumbbell wins and she's probably the worst person that could win, since she's Dan's mindless puppet. She can't seem to get that Dan is no longer her coach and he's playing this game for himself. She also forgets how he favored Kara over her and if Kara was still around, Dan would throw her under the bus to save Kara. Ditto for Shane who threw her under the bus because he wanted to save JoJo.

Boogie says he won't suck up to Dumbbell and doesn't care if she puts him up, because he can't stand her.

Dan worries that he made a mistake telling Boogie about the plan to back door Frank. He didn't think Boogie would tell Frank and he was hoping to put a spin on it. What spin this idiot planned to put on it I have no idea. Brit lies to Boogie and Frank when they confront her with the news that Frank was going to be back-doored and she advises Shane to do the same.

Shane whines to Dumbbell his HOH was a waste and he got blood on his hands for nothing. Dumbbell vows she's got his back. Meanwhile Boogie and Frank are vowing the same thing, vowing to be loyal to each other til the end.

Dumbbell tells Shane that Janelle didn't cheer her on that way she did Britney and some times she doesn't like the way Janelle looks at her. Says she doesn't trust Janelle.

Boogie doesn't want to go up to Dumbbell's room as she oohs and aahs over her stuff and gives everyone chocolates. You know, I agree with him. That always comes off as the phoniest part of the show.

Dan doesn't want any coach nominated, figuring it'll keep his butt safe, so he suggests that Dumbbell nominate Frank and Wil. Only problem is Dumbbell promised Wil he was safe if he jumped down. Something Wil reminds her of. She acts like she forgot and she just suddenly remembered. Wil doesn't feel safe and thinks her word is worth as much as a three dollar bill.

Just as Dan told her Dumbbell puts up Frank and Wil. Boogie is insulted he wasn't put up. Wil comforts Dumbbell as she cries about putting him up. Here's hoping Wil doesn't buy her tears anymore than he did Janelle's. This chick is always blubbering about something.

I'd like to keep both Frank and Wil somehow and get rid of one of those coaches who already had their chance at winning. But if one has to go, I hope it isn't Wil Frank showed he isn't any smarter than Dumbbell by being snookered by Shane and not suspecting a thing. Wil is the only one who has been able to see through everyone lies and deceptions and see them for what they are. As of now, Team Wil for the end. Wil could be the new Dr. Will if he can keep himself from being booted from the game.


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