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Big Brother 14 -- July 15, 2012 Episode

Updated on July 16, 2012

HOH Nominations And Another Twist

With The Chen over and out until Thursday's eviction, I thought we were done with the twists and the real game play could begin. However, The Chen made a surprise appearance with another twist. This was actually a twist I liked that involved the coaches.

The household reacts to the departure of Jodi. They say the game has become real to them and it could be any one of them next. Meanwhile, Dan claims the reason he chose for Jodi to go is that Kara and Danielle are getting on like two peas in a pod. I still think if she was a hot chick with a hot bod he would have given someone else the boot.

Boogie approaches Dan about joining in an alliance with him. Call them Doogie. Dan says he wants to play with Boogie, but that it's like making a deal with the devil. Janelle goes running to Britney and tells Brit about Doogie having their heads together. They, too, form an alliance. Call them Branelle. Of the two alliances, Branelle seems to be the ones that got it going on. Janelle says together they can get Boogie out of the house, and Dan, too.

RJ [Russell Jr aka Willie] shows everyone his HOH room. I notice it doesn't seem that BB included any photos from home with his family. RJ thinks he's king. Well, RJ, remember one thing. You didn't earn your crown, it was given to you.

Turns out the coach of the HOH gets their own room in the HOH room, but Britney doesn't feel too comfortable about the fact there's no door. I think that's why she invites Janelle to come up and stay with her. She doesn't want to be alone with RJ, afraid he might try something.

Ian provides some late-night entertainment for the threesome when he can't sleep and roams around the house in his boxers touching everything. He wants to explore everything after watching this show since he was 10. It's decided by the threesome that Ian's gotta go.

Branelle put their heads together with RJ to decide who to put up for eviction. RJ admits to being Russell's brother and believes Doogie will be targeting him to get rid of him. It was actually smart on RJ's part to give up the ghost and admit who he is. But he swears he's nothing like Russell. Russell is mean and he isn't. Janelle needs to bring her team in on the Branelle alliance. They all decide to vote together for the next two weeks.

RJ approaches Frank and offers him an alliance. He thinks joining forces with someone from the other team would be a good idea. He tells Frank he thinks they're a lot a like and they could go places together. Frank gets on board with what RJ is selling. Let's call them Frill. Frank agrees not to put RJ up for eviction or to vote for him.

It seems if Ian is put up it'll be a unanimous vote to vote him out. He's getting on everyone's nerves, creeping quite a few people out. Janelle declares he's a creeper. Danielle declares he's a peeper. She says every time she takes a shower he's there in the bathroom like he's trying to cop a look. I thought they were all being unfair and ganging up on the little geek boy. Then he ran around the house stark naked. Evel Dick posted a pick of Ian au naturel. I think the image of Little Ian is burned on my brain for all eternity. Why did I look? Why did I look? I don't know what the heck Ian thinks he's doing, but what he's doing is not the way to staying on the show.

Boogie finally approaches Frank. Frank admits RJ has spoken with him and he's safe.

The Chen's face suddenly appears on the TV screen. She's got another nasty little twist to the game to reveal; this time for the coaches. Seems they won't be able to just rest on their laurels and collect that $100,000. They have to compete in their own little game. The winner gets to grant immunity to one of their team mates. Each coach also has to nominate one team member to be a havenot who'll have to dine on slop. The havenots also get to sleep in a special Chamber Of Horrors for their time as a havenot. The Chen refrains from doing an evil laugh.

The Coaches Comp begins. The BB staff has created a fake race track that's incredibly slippery to run on and each coach has got a horse around their middle. The winner pulls the tail off their rival. There will be three heats. The first one is Britney vs. Boogie. The second is Dan vs. Janelle. Winner of those two heats will face-off against each other to see who the ultimate winner is.

Britney says she sucks at competitions and she proves it when Boogie pulls her tail off. In the dumbest move so far in the game Dan decides to throw the comp and let Janelle win. Dude is down one player, so throwing a comp is not a good idea. He thinks it'll keep the target off his girls. From a strategy point of view if you want to increase your chances of winning and boot one of the coaches, going after the one who is one player down would be the way to go. All they have to do is nominate both of Dan's girls and one will go home leaving Dan down two players and ever closer to being shown the door. But he thinks he's making a good move and pretty much lets Janelle catch him and pull off his tail. So it's Janelle vs. Boogie in the final heat.

Boggie manages to pull-off Janell's tail and win the melee. He decides to save Ian, knowing Ian's got a giant target on his back. This totally screws up RJ's game strategy to put up Ian. Then the coaches pick who gets to be a havenot. Boogie also choose Ian to be a havenot. Britney chooses Shane. Dan picks Danielle. And Janelle picks Ashley.

The havenots go to see the nightmare room they get to sleep in. The wall is filled with those black and white spiral things that were used to hypnotize people in those old horror movies and the beds are slanted with little raised rivets. In short, the room is a real trip.

Ian can't wait for his first taste of slop. He says it's not pleasant, but it's not awful, either. In other food news, Chef Joe is wasting food. He's making these big meals and then throwing out the leftovers. If he continues the way he is the havenots will be the only ones with something to eat. Because of this, Boogie trots up to the HOH and puts a bug in RJ's ear about putting up Joe.

Doogie ponder if Branelle have teamed up and decided they haven't. They also think they've got it all going on and the girls don't have a clue. What they don't get is while they've been sitting around patting themselves on the backs, the girls have joined both their teams together and has a large voting bloc to vote out who they want. Boogie wants to know which of Dan's players he'd be willing to sacrifice. Dan doesn't say it, but Kara is his girl, so it would be bye-bye Danielle. As for Boogie, he makes it clear he'd throw Jenn under the bus in a New York minute.

RJ finds himself between a rock and a hard place when it comes down to who to nominate. Branelle wants him to put up Frank and Kara, but if he puts up Frank, there goes the Frill alliance. So who does RJ nominate? Frank and Kara.

Frank is flabbergasted because it was RJ that came to him about an alliance.

Kara feels like crap.

Brit is pleased that RJ listened to her and put up the people she wanted put up.

RJ says he nominated Doogie's strongest players.

Boogie thinks Janelle is running things upstairs and vows to give her trouble.

Seriously, like RJ admitting Russell is his brother, going with what the Branelle alliance wanted was the only smart move. However, he made a big enemy in Frank, so he may need to push for Frank to be the one to go, even though it would be smarter to vote out Kara so Dan will only have one player left.


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    • EFranz13 profile image


      6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA - USA

      Awesome summary!

      DOOGIE - I love it! :) I definitely think Dan will be cautious of his "ties" to Boogie, as the season progresses. Right now, it seems that the collaboration will be good (at least for a little while) since the girls have decided to also team up.

      Tough season for these HouseGuests...

      Ian is a freak! LOL I think he is just "making the most" of his time on TV. I think he is intentionally doing all the crazy stuff, knowing he will get some extra air-time out of it. I think I heard somewhere that he was originally from Pittsburgh, PA (my hometown) so I will root for him, of course.

      Ashley the Spray-Tanner is also originally from Pittsburgh. I always like to root for the PA people, but they sure did make it hard for me to do that this year... LOL what a couple of strange people they chose...

      I think Willie did a GREAT job as HOH, but... the Coaches Challenge/twist might shake up his nominations a bit. We shall see...

      I am new to HubPages, so please visit my new HubPage when you get a chance.


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