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'Big Brother' Host Julie Chen Signed off Show With One Word to Support Husband Les Moonves

Updated on September 14, 2018
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Some reports say Julie Chen "returned" to host Big Brother days after the scandal broke that her husband Les Moonves has stepped down from CBS after 24 years. Even though the show airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights, Julie appears live only on the Thursday night episode. Therefore, saying she returned is misleading because she didn't miss any episodes that she usually hosts. However, it was Julie's first time on television since her husband resigned from the network last Sunday.

Chen didn't talk about her husband while she was hosting the reality show. That was understandable because Big Brother is not a talk show. She didn't talk about him at the end of the show either. However, she threw out a subtle nod that viewers did not miss. She said one word that spoke volume when she signed off.

She closed the show by saying, "From outside the Big Brother house … I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Good night." She usually says, "From outside the Big Brother house … I'm Julie Chen. Good night." For the first time ever, she added her husband's last name. So, why the sudden self-identification?

I'm Julie Chen Moonves.

Julie Chen's Self-Identification

Julie showed support for her husband by using his last name as she signed off. When the news first came out months ago, she made a statement on The Talk that she was not going to say anything in reference to the allegations by six women against her husband. Over the weekend, a second New Yorker story was published about six more women coming forward.

On Thursday's Big Brother show, Chen kept her word because she did not talk about the allegations. However, she did say one word that spoke volume.

In the past on both Big Brother and The Talk, she identified herself as Julie Chen and not Julie Chen Moonves. She was making a statement and sending a very strong message.

  • She let the public know she is standing by her husband.
  • She let the women who accused him know that she is Mrs. Moonves. After all, she has been married to him for 14 years, and they have an 8-year-old son named Charlie.
  • She showed support to her husband by using his last name for the very first time.

People on social media couldn't keep from noticing what Julie did at the end of the episode. Therefore, it was so obvious because she has never done it in 20 seasons on Big Brother or 8 seasons on The Talk. In fact, it stood out because it sounded so odd.

Julie Chen, 48, and Leslie Moonves, 68
Julie Chen, 48, and Leslie Moonves, 68 | Source

Absent from 'The Talk'

Chen is also the host and moderator of The Talk that CBS premiered Season 9 on Monday, September 10. The 48-year-old moderator was absent all week from that daytime talk show. She left it up to the other co-hosts to explain the situation on Monday after Les Moonves stepped down the day before. Every one of them said how they love Julie, but they had to give their honest opinion about what they thought about the Moonves situation.

Julie's statement said she was spending time with her family. That was quite understandable considering how often hosts of The Talk have discussed other men in similar cases involving allegations of harassment of women. It is doubtful that Julie could have been objective in that discussion on Monday.

Chen's Future on the CBS Shows

Julie Chen's future on Big Brother is more likely to continue because she doesn't have to talk about what goes on in the news. Many of her fans have spoken out and said that the reality show could continue without Chen, but it would never be the same. They posted on social media that she has helped to make the series popular over 18 years.

The Talk is just what it says. It is a talk show with a panel of five women. They include Chen as the moderator along with co-hosts Sara Gilbert, Eve, Sharon Osbourne, and Sheryl Underwood.

It would be hypocritical for Julie not to talk about her own husband. It would be stressful and emotional for her to do so. On Friday, September 14, Joy Baher on The View said it would be difficult for Chen to talk about the #MeToo Movement and other delicate issues the hosts have discussed in the past.

It would be unfortunate if Julie has to give up one or both jobs that she loves. If the truth is told, she is also a victim in this situation.

Do you think Julie Chen will continue to be moderator of "The Talk"?

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Do you think Julie Chen will continue to host "Big Brother"?

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