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Is Bigg Boss Season 9 The Worst Season Ever?

Updated on November 24, 2015

Bigg Boss season 9 seems to be worst season ever. This is evident from the fact that not many participants are eager to complete the task. Most participants seem to be image conscious & some are just there for time pass.

Rimi Sen is the biggest culprit in the house & there has been huge cry within the house & from the general public to evict her from the house but she has survived every time on the eviction day.

The fact that she has been paid around 2 Crores makes it tough for the organizers to remove her & thus proves that the elimination of the participants seems to be fixed & this is why even an ardent fan like me has lost interest in this show. The show now looks to be scripted to some extent.

The show is called Double trouble but Rimi Sen is giving all the trouble & headache to the organizers.

If Bigg Boss really wants to keep Rimi Sen inside then she should be made accountable & should be forced to do all the tasks. The best way would be to stop Rimi from using all the resources so that she can earn everything to live peaceful & luxuriously in the house. I would say this should be done to all the participants.

The show will now be little more interesting after the entry of Priya Malik. I think she gonna do much more bitching than any other contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Lets wait & watch.

Does Rimi Sen Deserves to be in the Bigg Boss House?

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