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Bill Crosby

Updated on February 17, 2015

Over the past weeks 77year Bill Cosby reputation has been damage because of allegations made by women who are accusing William Cosby (Bill) one of the most powerful Black man on television of drugging and molesting them after 40 year ago.

Why wait 40 years to tell the American people that one of the leading men on television is a rapist.Sexual assault is and involuntary sexual act which a person is threatened coerced or force to do against their own will, which includes touching and feeling.

Judy Huth's lawyer state that Judy and her 16year old friend first meet Bill in Los-Angles at a film shooting ,he gave the girls drinks a week later, at a tennis court. Huth's said that Bill took her to a room in the play boy mansion giving her drinks making her perform sexual acts on him with her hand. Why would a 15 year old kid go the Playboy mansion?

Why didn't she tell her parents, and where was her friend when this happen? Being a young handsome man I do believe that Bill had consensual sex with some of these woman,i don't believe that non of these woman were drugged.

Where is the proof none of these women are saying that Bill threatening them, when all they had to do was go to the police and report Cosby. Camille a television producer, a author and a philanthropist is standing behind her husband, though thick and thin.If Bill Cosby is guilty so is

19 women hid a crime. and should also be prosecuted.


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    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 3 years ago

      I do not know all of the details, but I do agree that after 40 years have passed why bring it up?

      In my opinion when you wait that long to report a crime; it never happened. It gets to be a he said, she said type of a situation. If it truly had happened these allegations should have been reported within a few days or months.

      The programs shutting down because of these allegations which may be false I think are inappropriate measures. Our courts say you are innocent until proven guilty. Shutting down his shows (which is his income) is saying he is guilty. If these women are lying, they need to pay the price for destroying another person's life.

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      To wait 40 years to report to the world that they was rape by Bill Cosby, is nothing more than a joke to get money. Rape is a serious crime and should be report right away. If Bill is guilty so is the 19 women who is in questions because they hid a crime.