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Billboard Hot 100 Music Charts: A Complete Music Archive

Updated on June 26, 2010

A brief review of an excellent website linking together the top music videos of the past 50+ years.

While searching the Internet, it proves to be a tedious task browsing through various music videos one after another and hence we feel the need for music archives. We hardly come by such websites that have researched & acknowledged the greatest works of the musical Legends. One such site exists, which has compiled over 60 music charts from 1951 till 2009 reducing the pain of surfing different search engines.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t generally go looking for music videos online; I’m more the type to happen upon them while channel surfing. However, this time I happened on the site Billboard Videos, and wound up spending *way* too much of my computer time allotment there! For something I don’t generally go looking for, it was totally addictive.

Billboard Videos is a free tool linking resources together. To be more specific, the basic premise of the site is to take the top songs of each year from 1951 to the present and provide direct links to videos (official wherever possible) posted on YouTube. The videos aren’t actually hosted by Billboard Videos, the site simply gives you a well-organized, one-stop doorway to find the top songs and videos of the past 50+ years without tedious searching.

Having more than 6,000 music videos in the database, this music directory is definitely the right place for music lovers as they will have a great time exploring the vast music archive Billboard Videos has to offer. I had such a blast from the past listening to and watching the songs from my high school days - like Ace of Base’s "The Sign", Meatloaf’s "Anything for Love", etc. I can’t believe I’m about to admit this to the world, but I even watched the Macarena video! And four Alanis Morissettes in a car in "Ironic" is classic.

I would mention two words to explain the site: "Simple and extensive"!

Simple for its presentation and Extensive for its content. I found the site to be extremely user friendly - you may either navigate by year or use their customized Google search engine to find the songs you’re looking for, next... click the link for the song of interest, where you will be taken to the music video in a new tab or window. Each year’s menu shows the top songs for that year (from 30-100, depending on the year). As of the time I accessed it, their menus run the full range of pop music history from 1951 right up to 2009.

One of the neat features is the embedded Google translator widget, offering automated translations into over 40 world languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean, and Spanish, thereby provoking international appeal.

The site is also visually friendly. I found it to be pleasantly uncomplicated, without a lot of annoying flashing ads or irritating animated graphics. The site is clean and streamlined. The lack of complicated menus, tag clouds, flash animation, and busy backgrounds is much appreciated. It would be great for people who like to access entertainment content from mobile devices; even my little handheld PDA works well with it. Yes, there is advertising; you really can’t expect otherwise in this day and age from a free site. But it’s not intrusive - most of the graphical ads are underneath the page content, and those higher on the page are more text-based and less irritating.

I am sure you want to know what song was on the top of the hot 100 music charts during the year you were born. Careless Whisper by Wham ---- that’s the number one song during my birth year, 1985. I have been wanting to know that for years. I loved the song ever since because of the nice beat and lyrics to it and knowing that it is the number one song when I was born, feels even nicer! It gives the song a whole new meaning to me. I feel like I was born to love that song if I may say so. Without Billboard Videos, I would not have gotten the chance to learn that.

This archive enables all music fans, and even haters, to not only witness the songs that made an impact on their lives but also enables people to dig deeper into each song and learn about the singers, producers and even trivia pertaining to them. People will not only learn who sang a particular song or who wrote their favourite songs, but also learn what the “in” thing was during a particular year through the videos. Music experts may also use the archive to analyze the past trends and predict future music trends.

To summarize this website from an educational standpoint... in general, you will learn about music history as well as find out what were the # 1 songs which dominated the music charts for the past 50+ years including the top genres of each decade. In addition, you will also be taught who the greatest musical influences in history were & best of all... It's completely FREE ! ! !

This site gets four full stars from me, I personally recommend it to everyone. If you like it... make sure & bookmark it!

Now I’m off to bliss out to "She’s Like the Wind" (1988)

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