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Billie Joe Armstong, Just Pull Your Damn Pants Up

Updated on September 5, 2011

Sometimes it's easier to just cooperate.

Billy Joe Armstrong made a stink on a recent flight when he refused an airline employee's request to pull up his sagging pants. The above photo is from a 2003 arrest for DUI.
Billy Joe Armstrong made a stink on a recent flight when he refused an airline employee's request to pull up his sagging pants. The above photo is from a 2003 arrest for DUI. | Source

Would it be so hard to comply?

Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong needs to keep his damn pants up. That he chose to take umbrage at an airline employee who just days before the tenth anniversary of the worst terrorist in this country’s history appalls and sickens me.

It is fair to say that airline personnel have, in the past decade, overreached on a number of matters related to safety but frankly I don’t blame them and would rather they err on the side of caution.

Armstrong likely has no idea how many other people on the flight had other places to go, like getting home or to business that put food on their table and had to be delayed and instead had to listen to his asinine rant about the “better things” that the airline employee who called him out had to do.

The airline employee was, in all probability, being security conscious. Sagging pants could be an indication of someone concealing something untoward or unseemly, i.e. Gerard Depardieu’s recent incident of wee-wee at thirty thousand feet.

The culture of men wearing sagging pants stems from two fronts. First, it is a symbol of slovenliness and abject indifference to one’s appearance. This is likely the most common reason for sagging pants.

The other has been misappropriated by hip hop culture. Apparently it is a style someone affects when they are trying to appear “gangsta.”

Sadly, another truth of the origins of sagging trousers stems from prison life and served as a visual clue among inmates that an inmate with droopy pants was available for sodomy-related activities.

Billie Jo Armstrong, could have avoided considerable craziness if he just would have pulled his damn pants up. I would bet anything that no one on the flight would thought less of him for complying and they all would have got to their destination much sooner.

When the airline is done kissing his butt, it would be really huge of Armstrong if he would have sent the airline employee a note thanking them for his/her diligence. It really wouldn’t have to be too big a gesture because at the end of the day, most working people having “the time of their lives” starts with them going home safely.

These days it’s about all most of them can afford to do.

What Larry Platt has to say:


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