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Billions TV Show

Updated on August 29, 2017

I think I just found my new favourite TV series after all I quote Bobby Axelrod : “ There can only be one!” Guys I have a collection of TV series that I watch but recently Billions just caught my attention. I then decided to wrote a type of review/blog about the show to give a few people an insight what to expect from Billions if they start watching it.

About Billions

Well the series starts off where you are introduced to one of the main characters Robert Bobby Axelrod the billionaire and owner of Axe Capital. Axe Capital is one of the biggest hedge fund firms within the Southern District of New York maybe even bigger. Bobby became one of a kind philanthropist as he donated and contributed millions of dollars to welfare funds and foundations. He even bought the naming rights to the Ellis hall and renamed it Axelrod Hall.

Well it is not long before Bobby falls on the radar of the US attorney and perhaps the SEC as well. The US attorney Chuck Rhoades Jnr who is married to one of Bobby’s employees Wendy Rhodes has his sights set on prosecuting Bobby Axelrod. Check has prosecuted many investors and hedge fund managers for insider trading and securities fraud. He even went as far as to send on of his father’s friends to jail and refusing to set a deal for house arrest. Guys this district attorney is brutal and has his sights set on Bobby. The fight is on guys so who do you think will be left standing in the ring ? Bobby Axelrod vs Chuck Rhoades…

Bobby VS Chuck Rhoades

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Bobby Axelrod

Bobby is the wealthy hedge fund owner of Axe Capital. Can be one awesome philanthropist but make sure you do not get yourself into his bad books.

Chuck Rhoades Jnr

The mean District Attorney of the Southern District of New York. He believes in civic duty and justice and he is also very determined to right the wrong and now after prosecuting many for financial fraud he has his eyes set to bring down Bobby Axelrod and the whole of Axe Capital.

Michael Wagner aka Waggs

He is the Chief Operations Officer of Axe Capital and Bobby’s right hand man. He manages and keep the staff intact and makes sure that all operations run smoothly.

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Dr Wendy Rhoades

She is the psychiatrist of Axe Capital and the wife of the US attorney Chuck Rhoades. She knows the traders inside out including Bobby and always have a solution to keep them motivated and get them back on stream. Will she be a conflict in the fight between Axe and her husband?

Lara Axelrod

Bobby’s beautiful wife and needless to say one tough woman. If you mess with Bobby you mess with her and she will sure find a way to keep you intact.

Orrin Bach

He is Bobby’s lawyer and manages his own law firm. He always seems to have a solution to legally defend Axe against the snipers in the financial world.

Bryan Connerty

Bryan is Chuck’s right hand man at the US attorney’s office and former student of Orin Buck. How will things pan out at the end as he is going to be given some tough choices during the first season.


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