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Binge-Worthy TV Series

Updated on August 8, 2017

Shows to Binge Watch

Here are a list of the best shows to Binge Watch. Scroll further down for more information on each show so you'll know whether or not it's for you. They are in no particular order, it all depends what you're into. Enjoy!

  1. Supernatural (CW)
  2. Daredevil (Netflix)
  3. Stranger Things (Netflix)
  4. 13 Reasons Why (Netflix)
  5. Jessica Jones (Netflix)
  6. Magicians (Syfy)
  7. Game of Thrones* (HBO)
  8. The Walking Dead (AMC)
  9. Spartacus (Starz)
  10. Dexter (Showtime)
  11. Sons of Anarchy (FX)
  12. Breaking Bad (AMC)
  13. American Horror Story (FX)
  14. True Blood (HBO)
  15. Shameless (Showtime) (An iffy add-on for me, personally)
  16. Arrow (CW)

I'll explain what my favorites are all about below and then add some 'maybes' that you might like. Happy Binge-Watching folks :)


  • CW
  • 13 Seasons, so far
  • Sci-Fi

If you're into Mythology and Lore this show was made for you! This series is all about the Winchester brothers - Sam & Dean. They are two hot dudes who hunt monsters and all things supernatural. From the start of episode one, I was hooked! I even went on to name my dog after one of the main characters who appears a little later in the series. If you can think of a monster you've heard of, chances are, it will show up eventually. This show has action, comedy and an amazing cast with great story lines.

In each season there is a main plot and then added side episodes that are usually fun or sometimes, (dare I say), even heartwarming. If you want some clues on what kind of creatures you can expect to see, here's a few: Vampires, demons, ghouls, GHOSTS, deities & shapeshifters. Naming any more would spoil some of the surprises.

Why SUPERNATURAL is binge-worthy:

  • Sam & Dean Winchester: both very compelling characters that have a roller coaster lifestyle that you won't be able to get enough of.
  • All of the side characters: Not all monsters are evil and that's something that makes Supernatural so amazing. Some of the so-called monsters the Winchesters encounter actually become allies & characters you'll love.
  • Great Story-Telling
  • Funny breaks during all the mayhem
  • No stupid side-stories
  • No long, drawn out camera pans (Thank God)
  • Good effects
  • Amazing character development
  • The 'good kind' of Cliffhangers (ones that make sense and don't become irritating)
  • The twists never stop coming. (A lot of shows can become really predictable, especially after so many seasons. This series will always leave you surprised and craving more)
  • It's freaking awesome.

End Note: This series has SO MANY episodes & is addicting. Let your family & friends know you're okay if you begin watching ;)

Dean is the Best

13 Reasons Why

  • Netflix Series
  • 13 episodes, 1 season/ season 2 coming
  • Drama

This show brought me to tears more than a few times. It revolves around an average high school guy, Clay. After the suicide of a fellow classmate, he receives a box of tapes - actual cassette tapes. They were recorded by the suicide victim, Hannah Baker, who, in the tapes, talks about all the reasons why she chose to end her life - pinpointing a side of each tape at a particular person. This one gets pretty intense as the episodes progress and can be hard to watch, especially if you or someone you know has suffered from mental health issues. This show overall features scenes of sexual assault and suicide, so watch with caution, especially if you are sensitive.

This series took me back to high school and reminded me of how cruel people can be. It focuses on serious subject matter that invokes a lot of feelings. It's highly interesting to watch, as it is so thought-provoking. If you're interested in high-stakes dramas - give this one a watch.

One a serious note: if you have ever thought about committing suicide there are resources that can help you. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is: 1-800-273-8255. They are there 24/7 and also have a chatline.

13 Reasons Why Season 1 Trailer

Stranger Things

  • Netflix
  • Season 1: 8 Episodes
  • Sci-fi

WOW... this show blew me away. Netflix is really stepping up their game! I loved every episode of this show and cannot wait until the second season is released in October. This is the kind of show you lose time watching. You can't just stop at one episode. It's THAT GOOD. It's set in the 80's and follows a group of kids and their families in a small, fictional town after the disappearance of one of their friends. It's got a realistic element that takes us back to a simpler time and lovable characters that you can relate to. I don't want to give away any spoilers on this one but as far as ages go, younger teens could definitely watch this and find it enjoyable as well as adults.

I honestly didn't think I would enjoy this show as the main characters are children but I LOVED it. Season 2 can't come soon enough. So let me give you some points about why this show is binge-worthy:

  • Great Cast & Acting
  • Super Story Line
  • Weird & Fun
  • Instantly grabs viewers attention & KEEPS IT
  • Doesn't drag out the plot or add unnecessary scenes

Stranger Things Season 1 Trailer

The Magicians

  • Syfy
  • 2 Seasons so far
  • Fantasy

Syfy is really stepping up their game also - watch out Netflix! This show is not only hilarious but also very gripping. The characters are immediately lovable and the special effects are on point. The series follows a group of characters who are 'magicians' studying to hone their skills at a secret school called Breakbills. They are all unique characters with flaws and quips all their own but, put them together and you have one hell of a dynamic cast.

I'll have to admit, I watched this one on a whim, during a time when there was nothing else on and I'm glad. You have Quentin, a shy, (perhaps even socially awkward) dude who just wants to be good at magic.Then there's Julia, (who, over time, I find to be in the way a lot). She doesn't get into Breakbills but instead finds herself in a secret magical society all it's own. Alice is a hardcore student of magic and really hits the books. Her total opposite, Eliot, basically focuses on partying and getting laid - magically. His BFF Margo is along for the ride with Eliot but is a magical force all her own. Lastly, there's Penny. He's a really cool guy that just can't catch a break. Together, they make an unbelievable cast.

There are other highly interesting characters along the way in this series and the story lines are well thought out. This show is VERY underrated as it contains so many elements that make it binge-worthy, such as:

  • Great Casting
  • Fun, yet deeply intriguing plots
  • WTF moments!
  • Characters that you can actually relate to
  • The urge to know what's coming next
  • Great character interaction and development
  • A Story line that progresses without being forced
  • Sexiness
  • MAGIC!

The Magicians Season 1 Trailer

All of "The Defenders" Origin Series: Netflix

Netflix has really come a long way and every year, they're getting better. There have been four series in place, (available to watch now), that have all been leading up to a 4-series crossover - The Defenders. Initially, I was hooked on Daredevil but continued to be interested in the other characters from the Marvel universe I knew would eventually unite.

If you are interested in watching "The Defenders" when it premieres soon, I suggest watching the following series if you want to get to know the main characters. I'll leave some videos below, but don't watch "The Defenders" trailer if you don't want to catch some serious spoilers. Here are the 'origin story' series of the characters we will see come together soon:


  • 2 Seasons so far
  • Sci-fi

This series follows the vigilante 'Daredevil' who is really a lawyer named Matt Murdock. Tragically, he lost his sight but it enhanced his other senses to a whole other level. He's basically a ninja, dressed in a pretty awesome costume that fights crime. Killing isn't his thing but he finds a way to put the bad guys behind bars - one way or another. This character is truly interesting as are the characters he lives alongside. This show is gritty and has a very real-feel to it that makes it hard to turn away from. I give it a very high level of binge-watch-ability!

Jessica Jones

  • One Season, so far
  • Sci-Fi

I can't help but love this somewhat depressed, somewhat alcoholic super-P.I. With enhanced strength and I "IDGAF" attitude, Jessica Jones is amazing. Some of my friends think this series started out too slow but I beg to differ. I think it lays out the story of this character perfectly. She has some demons in her past - (one dude who's really an asshole), that never quite left her mind. This show, also raw and real-feely, has some great side characters and a very interesting plot line. Jessica Jones is highly binge-worthy and she's a character that will probably remind you of someone you know, (if they had superpowers).

Iron Fists

  • 1 season, so far
  • Sci-fi

Danny Rand is an interesting guy with an interesting past. I was hesitant to watch this one but was glad once I got into it. He was born with a lot of privilege, being the son of a highly wealthy business owner, but, it was all ripped away from him in a single event. He comes back to New York to take back what is his but has a lot of obstacles in his way. It's a good thing he comes back with a shit ton of power. This series has a lot of cool fight scenes, (although, in my opinion, a lot of them weren't very well done). The story line though is interesting and it is gearing up for 'The Defenders'.

Luke Cage

  • 1 season, so far
  • sci-fi

I watched this one out of sequence as it wasn't recommended to me at first but it's a must watch for Marvel fans. Luke Cage is probably the coolest fighter who is going to be in "The Defenders" because he fights so calmly. You seriously can't rattle this guy! He's a very intriguing character who isn't phased by bullets. His skin literally can't be penetrated - or can it? Watch and see. This series has a unique cast of villains, all whom don't necessarily make their intentions known at first. It's a great show to binge watch.

So, are you caught up on all the origin stories for "The Defenders"? Do you think they're all binge-worthy or are some better than others?

Marvel's Netflix Heroes

Who will be your favorite 'Defender'?

See results

Jessica Jones Trailer

Shows that have Ended but are still Worth a Binge-Session

True Blood (HBO)

  • 7 Seasons
  • Fantasy

This series revolves around 'Bon Temps', a fictional city in Louisiana, where a whole lot of supernatural creatures seem to find a home. Sookie Stackhouse, the main character, has a lot going on inside her head - she can hear people's thoughts. It's very frustrating for her until she meets her first vampire - Bill Compton. You see, vampires have 'come out of coffin' and live among humans. There's a new blood-substitute called 'True Blood' that can supposed sustain their life force. Or...can it? This show is sexy as hell and has an amazing cast. It's binge-worthy on so many levels, (at least up until the end of season 3 - don't blame me after that).

Sons of Anarchy (FX)

  • 7 Seasons
  • Available on Netflix
  • Action/Drama

At the center of this show is a motorcycle club called 'Sons of Anarchy'. The main character Jax Teller is at the center trying to live a normal life while still remaining an 'outlaw biker'. This show is filled with tons of twists, turns and brutality. There are secrets - constant secrets, that always seem to get everyone involved in serious trouble. A lot of violence appears in this series but it's also pretty sexy at times. It's a good binge watch and has a pretty appropriate ending if you watch it start to finish. There are a lot of characters that you will hate to love and a lot of scenes you will cringe to watch.

Spartacus (Starz)

  • 4 Seasons
  • Historical Fantasy?

I really don't know how to classify this how. Everything about it was incredible! It's probably my all-time favorite. It's the sexiest show ever made, (as of yet), it's filled with non-stop action and seriously dubious plots. There's nothing about this show I could critisize. But, it lost a lot of viewers. Sadly, Andy Whitfield passed away, (the character who first portrayed Spartacus). People just couldn't look at it the same because of his incredible portrayal of the character. It still gave it a hell of a go, producing three more seasons after that truly kept to the sexy, gritty aim of the series. Sex and violence all the way...

Dexter (Showtime)

  • 8 seasons
  • Crime Drama

A righteous serial killer? Well, he believes he is anyhow. This series is a great watch! Michael C. Hall stuns viewers playing the vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan. Each season keeps up with the suspense and the surprises. It's bloody - since he is a blood-splatter analyst. The cast is great and the plots keep on keeping on. There is a lot to love about this series and just watching one episode will show you why it's worth a binge-watching session.

Binge-Watch away Friends!

True Blood Season 1


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