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Black Lives Matter to Batman: DC Comics Stand Up for Justice

Updated on December 16, 2015

Dark Knight III: The Master Race

After coining the title The Dark Knight over 25 years ago, Frank Miller, and DC Comics, has inserted the infamous dark knight right into the Black Lives Matter movement with their latest issue Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Batman is known for fighting against political low-lives and the mobbing elite, so facing police brutality is nothing new for the profiled vigilantly. This new series will have you asking "who would've thought that black lives mattered to Batman?"

DC Comics obviously knows what matters to the caped-crusader. Justice. Somehow, what's done in the dark, Batman sees. The series tells a story of a young, black teen who is walking down the dark streets of Gotham when he is stopped by Gotham's finest. The young man then texts a friend to tell him what is happening. When his friend responds asking why he's being arrested, the teen says "the man don't need a reason." When guns are pulled, the young man turns to run; but instead of hearing the gunshots and feeling the expected pain, he hears flesh against metal and the sound of fighting. He turns to see Batman battling the two police officers and saving his life.

Miller says he knows that it's his job to provoke interest and he has definitely done so by leading in last month's comic sales. Selling over 400,000 copies, the Dark Knight III: The Master Race earned the number one spot in November as well as being among the best-selling comics of the year. Taking last month's number one spot also kept Marvel from sweeping the top 10 list, as they did the previous month.


With so much happening in the world, it is nice to see a company get invested in what matters it's readers. It's important to not only gain perspective but to show it and all it's diversity. Miller says "Batman is political[ly], radical and a revolutionary out to overthrow a corrupt police state. It’s a very patriotic and loyal-to the-law kind of story, but the established authorities were doing the wrong thing, so it took an outlaw to bring justice." Hopefully, other's can follow suit and provoke interest towards what matters to them. Until then, where there's an injustice, when a fellow citizen is being mistreated, and when police are out of order, thank goodness we all have Batman.

To read the whole series and find out what happens check out



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