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Black Mirror Is a Dumb Man's Twilight Zone Made by a Troglodyte

Updated on June 6, 2020
Black Mirror boring british sci-fi show that has a much better american counterpart like Dr. Who.
Black Mirror boring british sci-fi show that has a much better american counterpart like Dr. Who.

Black Mirror a Poor Man's Outer Limits and Twilight Zone

Black Mirror is for morons made by a genetic throwback who makes a "creepy" show with "creepy" episode about stupid bull****. The first episode is a stupid nonsensical plot so the creator can make his fantasy man on pig porno being a troglodyte he loves to molest animals. Then you have a terrible string of rip-offs of better shows like the twilight zone and outer limits episodes. Then they made a movie that is advertised as a choose your own adventure story that is utterly pointless stupid boring and nothing you choose matters because it just restarts. And the troglodyte creator says anyone who doesn't like it can suck his tiny genitalia.

Rod Serling would be rolling in his grave if he could see this BS now being consumed by modern audiences, a disgrace to everything he did for television. Like most Netflix shows made now, it's pretty bad almost as bad as the new twilight zone with known hack comedian Jordan Peele who also thinks he's gods gift to fantasy, science fiction, suspense, horror, and psychological thriller television shows and movies and like hack Charlie Brooker.

His (Charlie Brooker) show's episodes are dumb nonsensical lack a clear message and just look cheap and pathetic. The stories are stolen straight from the twilight zone but been given a modern (bad) twist you have the first episode right out of an Italian B horror film where the prime minister is made to humiliate himself in disgusting ways because charlie is rebel who hates authority but lacks any sense of coherent satire and resorts to being a b or c tier horror director. There are more episodes made by morons for morons, proving Britain fails miserably at science fiction television their shows like Doctor Who and the modern Sherlock Holmes prove Britain is no longer one of the most intellectual countries in the world even below America in average intelligence and quality of their TV shows.

"(In an interview with Huffington Post published on Thursday, Brooker told fans to "f--- off" if they don't like making decisions during "Bandersnatch.")" from "". You it heard straight from the horse's mouth here folks or rather the other end of the hose I should say. The Creator hates anyone who is critical of his show including fans, only children and childish dumb adult can't take any criticism without throwing a tantrum.

A much better title for this show. As ironically it is not scary just dumb like this Futurama parody.
A much better title for this show. As ironically it is not scary just dumb like this Futurama parody.

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