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Black Sails Review

Updated on January 3, 2017

I have enjoyed Black Sails from day one, and I was lucky to have seen it since it's launch in 2014. Now yes I have read the book Treasure Island which is where the 'main' characters are taken from, and I say 'main' in that manner because I'm not sure those three are the 'main' characters in such that EVERY character on this show is fantastic and always seems to get some attention.

Now most people don't realize, that the majority of the characters on this show were ACTUAL pirates. Perhaps some of the stories are fabricated or embellished, but the majority of this show is based on actual places and people during the era of pirates in our history.

The only 'tall tales' are those of Flint, Silver and Billy. And while these three play some fairly central roles the the plots and stories, I don't feel it detracts from the 'realness' that the series otherwise conveys.

Now I love these characters, you could even say I LERV them. Even the ones I love to hate are still some of my favourites, and honestly those feelings change drastically as you flip flop between liking and hating a character's actions in the show.

There is only one exception to this rule for me.

Captain Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny are, always have been and always will be my favourite characters. Now that isn't to say I don't love Charles Vane's 'last hurrah' (which I'll get too later), but these two have since episode one always been on my good list and I've never thought ill of either of them. Even when Anne 'dabbles' outside their relationship, I still loved her. And I loved Rackham even more when he not only accepted this activity, but endorsed it and you can just feel how deeply these two care for each other. Bonny as well from day one shows how much she cares for Rackham. The two are in my perspective a true representation of 'love'.

And then when I thought I couldn't 'squee' anymore... this happened.

Now lets get something straight. I like Ray Stevenson, and I adored him in his role as Pullo from Rome, so when I heard he was going to be playing Black Beard I near lost my head. This is the guy who made shouting "13!" over and over an emotional and powerful scene, I was fairly certain he was going to knock this one out of the park.

Not only did he live up to my expectations, he exceeded them. He conveys the character's 'legend' well enough, but also just adds a certain... aura I suppose is the best way to describe it. Perhaps 'gravitas' is a better word. His entrance to the series comes offscreen, yet conveys the manner of person he is in a way that has viewers thinking he will be the terror his legend claimed. His connection to Vane and the bond he feels towards him only strengthens the character's place in the show, and gives for a great reasoning on his actions towards the end of Season 3.

Needless to say, I like him as an actor, and think he's doing this role fantastically as well.

Charles Vane is a hard man to love. At first I felt like he was supposed to be the 'heart throb' of the show. Then I thought he was supposed to be the villain, but then that changed into perhaps he's the hero... no wait he's back to being a bad guy. No wait, he did something heroic there and now he's a.... you know what I just don't know anymore.

He is by far the one character that my opinion of flip flopped so much, with Captain Flint leading a close second. But that made Vane the wildcard, the guy who you weren't sure which way he would go from one moment to the next.

This made me... like him. I was honestly not sure about this, and didn't fully realize it until his demise at the hands of, a rope? What I thought would be the most ungracious and lack luster of a death scene instead turned into one of the most emotional and dramatic ones. His statement, and then his 'commitment' to the cause was not only a genius move on his part, but ultimately the bravest thing I've seen anyone do on the show.

And afterwards I went... "Holy F do I like Charles Vane". It was the most 'badass' thing I've seen someone do on the show. It didn't involve a sword, no gun or canon, not even a ship to ship battle. Yet it was a statement, a POWERFUL statement.


Thats right, this is the last season. I know. Try to hold back your tears, it's hard and I know this from experience.

I suppose I'm of mixed opinion on this.
On one hand I love the show, and I want it to go on forever. These characters, this storyline... it's all just so fantastic.
On the other hand, good shows know when to end and this prevents stagnant shows which drum on forever and end up leaving a sour taste in our mouths. So maybe this is for the better.

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