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Homeless animals

Updated on November 16, 2012

Blackie the stray cat

Darting his dark green eyes cautiously around as he bend his head slowly down towards his food and eat slowly , stopping each time to make sure is safe and that's Blackie the ever cautious stray black cat. He only feel safe to eat his food when his regular feeders standing around waiting for him to finish his dinner. As he feel protected , he would use his front paw to step at the side of the paper plate to make it easier to finish his food. Once he has finish , the feeder would pour a cup of water for him to drink and he would lick slowly and upon finish if the feeder ask him to wag his short tail , he would listen and show his appreciation by wagging his tail like a dog does when they are happy.

Blackie the stray black cat is about 10 years old and have been a stray for seven long years. He has been a house cat for three years with a family who live on the second floor of an apartment. Apparently that family has move away and did not bring Blackie along and left him in that apartment void deck to fend for himself. Initially he doesn't know what has happen and why his owner did not bring him along with them. Each day he would wait outside the door of that apartment as he could not understand why the door was shut all day. After a period of time waiting , he realise that his owner is not going to come back to this house. They have abandon him so he make his way down to the void deck by elevator. He has use the elevator before like the rest of the people living in that building. He is such a smart cat and at times behave like a human. He would not dash across the road dangerously like many cats who lost their lives doing that , he would walk a distance towards the overhead bridge and use that to go across to the opposite side of the road. His intuition and behaviour is exactly like human. His instinct is so sharp that he probably forgotten he is a cat.

Blackie home is now around that apartment block where he is abandon by his owner and his favorite spot is around the playground. Everyday he would wait for his feeder to come by to give him food. At times he would also disturb other stray cats by staring at them but never try to start a fight. For the first time , about two month's ago , he was involved in a fight and was bleeding badly. The feeders took him to the vet and was hospitalised for three weeks , after that he has to be placed in a cattery to recuperate. He was recovering well in the cattery until he was hospitalised again as they found him to have Feline Leukemia. 

He is on drip in the hospital as he could not eat. It was sad for the feeders who took care of him for seven long years. The bond they have shared and to see Blackie suffering is heartbreaking. The sky turn dark on January 27 , Wednesday at 4.45pm , Blackie passed on peacefully. He broke the heart of the feeders who look upon him as a very special cat. His ashes will be placed in the playground he used to live in as this is a place where he called home.

Blackie , you would not be forgotten as your presence would always be felt around the area because of your special endearing ways and the bonding you have with those who took care of you. Even though you have been abandon by your owner and now your life has been cut short by this disease , just know that is not a life that is wasted because of your good nature and special ways with your feeders , you are forever remembered and will not be forgotten. Your memories will always stay in the heart of your feeders and you will always be miss.


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