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Blues Guitar Solo Improvisations

Updated on July 14, 2015

The Many Styles Of Blues Guitar Solos

I decided to do a little "vanity" hub and show everyone the kinds of blues guitar playing I have been into for the past few years. That would be jazz blues as in bebop, jazz blues as in soul jazz as well as electrified classic shuffle blues, slow blues and funk blues.

Heck I'll even dabble in progressive jazz blues, I love it all. I've strived to be the jack of all trades, master of as much as I can. In these videos you can see all the different ways a guitarist might approach soloing over the different styles of blues.

Feel free to drop a line if you have questions about playing, technique etc. or if you just want to compare notes.

Keeping Blues Alive By Not Being Traditional is where I am coming from.

I believe teaching this style as well as others has helped me to incorporate many diverse elements into my playing.

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Country Danny Gatton Influenced Solo

On this tune Rolling and Tumbling with it's driving country rock feel, it gave me a great opportunity to test drive some double-stop licks ala Danny Gatton that I had been working on. Also you'll notice for the most part I'm following the chord changes with the major pentatonic and Mixolydian scale with some of that blues pentatonic thrown in to offset the sweeter major sound.

On the Jazz Side of Town.

Here I am definitely following the changes most of the time and trying to incorporate more of a Wes Montgomerey meets Joe Pass feel with plenty of chromatic passing tones and altered sounds. Of course there is plenty of blues scale there to let you know I haven't left the blues completely.

On The Blues Rock Side of Town

More of a Roy Buchanen or Albert Collins vibe on the first one and too many influences to count on most of them. I "steal" harumph I mean borrow from the best.

Blues Fusion

This is still in the basic blues formula but with a little more jazz rock influence. 24 bar blues form where you double everything.

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