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Bob Marley-Maine Comedian

Updated on August 1, 2017
Bob Marley, Maine Comedian.
Bob Marley, Maine Comedian.

Bob Marley

My whole life I loved to laugh. Laughing was my “high” it made me happy and full of life. I remember times when I would watch Comedy Central for hours on Fridays into the late night just laughing my troubles away and not really thinking of the week or anything that brings drama. There were so many great comedians out there mostly all were funny. The problem is, they were funny-not many took it to the level that I WAS ROLLING OUT OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING. Sure, all jokes can make me laugh, almost any funny sounding line can make me chuckle. Honestly, how many can make you HAVE TO LEAVE THE ROOM BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T BREATHE? Yes, there are many out there that make you have a good time, but not many can reach the outstandingly high clutches of the Maine comedian, Bob Marley!!!

So who is Bob Marley?

My friends and I call him a genius but lets go a little deeper then that. Bob has been a comedian for 15 years. He is a stand up comic from Maine, USA. Bob is a graduate of the University of Maine at Farmington. His comical views are localized to mostly Maine or the New England area. Hometown of Portland, its where he started his career. He then moved to Boston for more knowledge of the surrounding area. Bob is a regular at the Aspen and Montreal comedy festivals. Him and his family moved to Los Angles for several years and now have returned to the place he became great, Maine to live.

So what makes Bob Marley so Fantastic and Funny?

His localized sense of comedy relates to the arena in which I live. Even if you don’t live around here his high energy act really incites laughter in everyone. His main focus is biographical and observational material. He has jokes ranging from how families act, to sport sayings, even to tv commercials from Maine. Some material is better understood if you been to Maine for a month or two. Some examples of his joke names are:

-Pork in the Beans


-Drinking in the Woods

Logo of Bob Marley

Logo from:
Logo from:

Bob Marley is so high in demand right now he is working around the country constantly now. Bob Marley is a DvD I suggest to everyone who doesn’t know about him to get. If you never heard him I can 99.9% guarantee that you will laugh from watching him. Some comments from friends and family:


“Truly Epic, I laughed my –ss off!!!”-T.B.   Friend

“My stomach hurts from laughing!!!”-S.B.   Girlfriend

“It’s so true, I’m going to have a heart attack!”-R.C. Father

Bob Marley has a few famous copy’s of material out there. All the material I have heard from him is great. What me, my friends, and my family suggest though is you start with his “Greatest Hits Volume 1”. The volumes I have personally seen are:

Greatest Hits Volume 1

Greatest Hits Volume 2

Greatest Hits Volume 3 (Not listed on Bob's site =[ )

(Click here to go directly to Bob Marley’s Site Store)

Bob Quotes from Greatest Hits Volume 1

-Did you ever have to do something just because you had your shoes on?

-Where are you from? New Hampshire? That's tecknicly southern Maine isn't dude?

-You know what is that queer water ski phrase people say, you know to make the boat go.

(all quotes are similar to what he says)

You have to See him to Believe him!

I would personally feel incomplete if I didn’t own these 3 DvDs. The hook in the first one is so attracting you have to see the other two. At least start with the first, the first best shows you his style of comedy and gets you into who Bob Marley is and what angle he is coming from. He is so good, that I will not even give you a whole example of a joke here. I will place a line or two about his jokes but to not destroy the completeness you feel when you hear him yourself.

If Bob Marley is so great...why isn’t this Hub longer!

The reason why this Hub isn’t longer is because I can’t spoil it for you. If you go look on Youtube or look up things about him it ruins the experience. I watched it not knowing anything about him or what he did other then comedy, and I have to say I was happy with the results! Take my word for it, take New England’s word for it, Bob Marley is one person everyone must see! Thanks for reading my Hub, inspired by Hubpages HubMob. What are you waiting for?

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