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The Bobby Bones Show Leaves Austin

Updated on January 3, 2018

Austin Bids Farewell

You could have heard a pin drop in the city of Austin, Texas this morning as an announcement was made that would change the world of radio as we knew it; perhaps forever.

It is official ... The Bobby Bones Show (yes, the entire gang) are leaving Austin. Our beloved morning talk show for 96.7 FM, home of the best hip hop, will no longer exist. At least not in Austin.

Destination? Nashville of all places. Yes, you read that correctly. They are literally moving to greener pastures in the land of country music. KASE 101 will be their new home.

The show's Facebook page was inundated with comments, questions and yes the occasional negative comment like "sell-out" not long after the announcement was made.

I'm almost positive though that the people behind those comments were just a little hurt. Separating with your favorite morning radio show can actually seem like a break up believe it or not. After listening to them every morning for so long you form a little relationship so to speak.

I also suspect some of the backlash stems from The Bobby Bones Show enabling us all to live vicariously through their immaturity and now what excuse will we have? It appears the time has come to grow up and we all know some people are afraid of change.

But to country music? Did Bobby Bones get so sick of Austin that he had to completely change music genres? He basically let us know during the announcement this morning that country singers would be more apt to be professional, unlike the unprofessional artists he's had with past celebrity guests in the hip hop world.

Never-the-less, Bobby Bones will be missed in Austin.

Farewell to the Bobby Bones Gang

Lunchbox: We've all listened over the last few years as Lunchbox's antics somehow managed to make national headlines when he decided to run his personal marathon untrained. It remains to be seen the reception he will receive in Nashville but we are all confident they won't be able to control him any better than Austin did.

Amy: I've personally wiped away tears as Amy poured out her heart and soul in desperation to have a child. At times we thought she was a goody-goody but over time we've come to love her as our very own "radio sweetheart." And who didn't love her Hollywood Skinny?

Ray: Though we didn't have long to get to know this character, we know Ray will remain as crazy and somewhat dumbfounded as he always was.

Finally, Mr. Bobby Bones. You made us laugh, you pissed us off and yet you somehow managed to make this city part of your family. We got to know the "little boy from welfare" and we listened as you dealt with life's hardships. We cherished stories about your dog and envied your girlfriend. Most of all, we loved the relationship between you, Amy and Lunchbox. You will be missed.

Thank you all for making our morning commutes bearable.

And on one last note to Nashville. If you decide you don't want them, we will happily take them back!

Courtesy of KXAN

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Off to Nashville they go

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