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Bollywood Dancing

Updated on February 26, 2013

Bolly 1, 2 Footsteps

Laterly, I have began to watch "so you think you can dance", I discovered I love the show! In the last season the dancers performed a Bollywood number. It was HOT! The bolly dancing was electrifing, and the bolly customs were awesome. After watching the perfomance I wanted to do a few bollywood steps, of course I have two right feet. HA! Anyway my creative, and imagitive mind when to work, I thought why not hub about it. Personally I enjoy writing about subjects from A - Z so hopefully the how to bolly dance will come up to par.

She starts with the launches from side to side. In bollywood dancing we will begin with the feet, and learn some steps using the toes, and the motion of your feet. In the video below you will learn the up on the toe, and down on the heel step. So its 1, up on the toe and 2 down on the heel.

In each video the footsteps are first, and then upper body steps are learned beginning with the hands.

Step 1 You Can Bolly To!

Part 2 You Can Bolly!

More Footwork

This instructor makes learning Bolly dancing very easy. Not only is it fun, but you are also getting in some exercises. Get your body moving with learning a new dance! Not only does the instructor in the video explain each step clearly, but she does a fantastic job in performing each step. This young lady makes it so easy to learn how to bollywood dance. Not everyone has the ability to instructor others on the how tos of how to learn a dance step.

Once you learn steps 1, and move on to step 2 the instructor explains the incorporation of putting both parts together. She's easily understood, and simple to follow along with her.

Part 3 You Can Bolly To!

Now Bolly!

For me Bolly dancing has a grace to it, that other dances do not have. Dances such as the Tango, Swing, Lindy Hop are impressive dances; however Bolly dancing has a grace, style and culture within its dance. Bolly dancing as you can see in the news feed is also popular in Bangkok, and is all the rave throughout the US.

The culture, clothing and unique appeal is intriguing to watch the dance, along with the colorful beautiful clothing worn. The hit dance program, "So You Think You Can Dance" really spiced things up with their bolly performance.

In my opinion Bolly dancing is a beautiful art form, when a young lady does the dance with poise and grace the dancer appears to be light as a feather.  As the dancer 1, 2, 3, 4 step on her toe to heel and goes into the side lunges one can imagine the dancer -- dancing on a soft pillow beneath their feet.


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