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Bollywood, Hollywood failed to grip

Updated on July 3, 2010
Just look at her and decide on your own
Just look at her and decide on your own

This is a strange prospect that whoever we see on the TV channels as models is considered by us as extraordinary piece of living aesthetic masterpiece. By considering them as the best we devalue some of the really best natural beauties of our own family or friends.

Why is that so? Everything on the TV screen looks so eye-catching while someone who is actually much more attractive around us we don't take much notice of it. It’s basically the hype of the media as far as I see it as I had remain its prey for a long time. Its not something you really like that you fall for it but it’s mostly the thing that your environment sets it for you or it’s the mood that you are in at that moment. Katrina kaif is one of the top bollywood actresses and she was my favorite too until recently I realized something in her that I never noticed before. she has a long face, fat, not even something of a good figure that I like, hairs are just normal , pretty small eyes and her fairness is okay not extraordinary, then why I fall for her? I pondered on this query and kept on thinking on it until and unless I was able to answer this stupidity to myself. I came to the answer that when the first time I saw her I was in a mood of total dissatisfaction and annoyance as I ended up with poor grades in my o'levels. In that mood I needed someone who can take care of me and I just put the cd in of her movie for the first time. You know every action she did looks great at that time. I can feel the extreme love and innocence on her face and through her actions. That was the day I fall for her and I became her fan. However, i worked on my emotions and finally regained my consciences. Everybody knows that in all the boys there is one thing common and that is staring at the opposite sex. In one of the parties I went I noticed Sarah, she looked totally different on that day like she never looked before. she has long dark black hairs stretching till the hips approximately if I’m not wrong, her big black eyes with a 'miskara'( black eye outliner)appeared so astonishing that I simply can't resist the temptation of holding her in my arms and kissing her without thinking of someone else. Not to forget her booming fairness. She has the perfect figure, from top to bottom with a good height; everything of her body looks a sure piece of masterpiece. She has innocence, fairness and at the same time attractiveness too on her face which can kill beauty lovers. I was totally mesmerized in her beauty when she came to me and moved her hands in front of my eyes to bring me back to life. If nodded stupidly and said, “What happened, what happened? Where am I?" she looked totally surprised at such behavior as she was with me for two years and she had never seen me like this before. I just said to her, “you look magical today, and you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen". She was about to cry as no one has ever say anything like that to her before however she hold herself. I went back to home and saw Katrina kaif's posters and made a comparison. My friend is much more beautiful than her and I failed to realize it. The beauty queen of my dreams was right in front of me, but I never thought of it.

This glamour has really destroyed our peace of mind. One of my friends says that he loves Emma Watson. I had seen her in the harry potter series and she didn't look that beautiful or that extraordinary to me. But according to my friend, she is his charm of life. Seriously, he is dead crazy about her. He says that if he has enough money he would go to the harry potter premiere just to see her in front of her in her real life. Upon his insistence I watched her again and again and tried to look at her the way he looked at her. You wouldn't believe it; it started happening with me too. For a minute or two I was also lost in her midst. What was happening to me I can't understand, but one thing was for sure I started liking her? Then I quickly cleared up my mind and watched my college's party pictures and movie just to deviate my attention. With the help of this incident I came to know one thing about human psychology. If someone loves anything so much and you watch that thing or person thinking that why your friend liked it so much you will too fall for it.

The reason why I am mentioning these incidents to you is that I don't want you to get startled in this artificial world of glamour. I mean look at the amount of money that is spent on the actors and actresses makeup, on their costumes and on their body. then not to forget the extensive care they take of their figure and entire body as they have nothing to do except it whereas look at the girls around you they are also studying, doing part time jobs and with just a lipstick they look dazzling. We should acknowledge the true beauty and not fall for the cheating and imaginary world of glamour whether it’s Hollywood, bollywood or even the television stars. They need tones of makeup to look that great and they have nothing to do except this. If you keep your mind clear you will surely realize that your wife no matter how old she is, she is better than Jennifer Aniston, and for teens your girlfriend is much more beautiful than Bianca in terms of hottest figure as well and for children your mother is the most beautiful being on earth. She works the whole day, take care of you and she has very little time to give to herself yet she is that charming and attractive. just think of your girlfriends and wives now and then think of them that how much beautiful and hot they would appear after spending fifty thousand dollars on their makeup and then think if this money is spent on enhancing their beauty nearly every week. You will get your answer.


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