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Newsflash:The Bill Cosby Trial is a Sham

Updated on January 7, 2017

There is no doubt about it, the Bill Cosby scandal was one big disingenuous fiasco. I’ve always known this but you couldn't say this in public. Regardless, it seems the media has dragged this as far as it can possibly go. Almost everyone in the country believes whole-heartedly that Bill Cosby is a serial predator, mainly because people do not think critically and we were brainwashed to think so by the American media. After a very long run however, things may finally start to fall apart. When you try to throw someone in jail for what the public was made to believe, the ever-growing mountain of reasonable doubt that was hidden for so long gets harder and harder to hide. The truth is that none of the allegations were rooted in any facts, consistent testimony or any evidence. And with very limited information the media rushed to judgement and threw all these women with allegations on TV. When you dare to scrutinize the validity of these decades old claims, one may realize that they come up short. Very short. In the growing opinion of many, this was a modern day lynching. I’ll go out on a limb and say it because the receipts are in to support every word of this: this may go down as one of the greatest media agendas and character assassinations of all time.

What Media Won't Tell You

I followed these cases for a long time. Almost everyone believes that over 50 women accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, and many believe Bill Cosby even admitted to it under oath. All of that is malarkey. Bill Cosby never admitted to drugging anyone. He only said he shared his drugs with women, women he intended to sleep with. That is not exclusive to Cosby, it's something more than half of Hollywood was doing too. And with a little wordplay the media turned that into the rubbish most people believe now. Also, only less than 10 women actually accused Bill Cosby of drugging, or assaulting them. And surprise, surprise, absolutely none of these women have any evidence, none ever went to the police, and none of them ever got a toxicology report. In addition to that many of them have already been caught for lying.

Some of these women already caught in lies or serious inconsistencies are Chloe Goins, Louisa Moritz, Patricia Matsen and Kristina Rhueli to name a few. Goins had her case dismissed after she repeatedly gave dates and times that were impossible as Cosby did not attend the event she claimed she was assaulted at. She later decided to release a Bill Cosby rap "diss" record for money. Louisa Moritz told a story about Cosby assaulting her on The Tonight Show the night they both appeared, but they never appeared on the same night of The Tonight Show. Kristina Rhueli peddled different versions of her stories to media outlets. In early interviews Rhueli told the press emphatically that she woke up with her clothes on, but in later interviews she changed the story to waking up completely naked, confused and wondering how that happened. Patricia Matsen is a serial liar who also jumped on board to accuse Marv Albert unsuccessfully in 1997. Many of the women not yet caught are strangely not certain about any times, dates or locations. Basically, all the women wish to be believed decades later without providing any information. All of the very serious aforementioned things to consider before convicting someone that are all on record is being hidden by our trusted mainstream news sources. The news media that most likely knew all of this the entire time.

There is nothing else to discuss. This is a kangaroo court. Take a look for yourself. All of this is explained in detail in the video below.

The Truth About The Cosby Trial The Media Won't Show You


Putting Things in Perspective

Yes, Cosby was a womanizing Hollywood big wig with a well known reputation for pursuing the ladies, but what we are witnessing is one of the biggest mass deceptions and media lynchings in Hollywood history. This is one for the books. This scandal proves that we are a society of drones who are easily led by smoke, mirrors and sensationalism. You may not believe any of this now, but trust me---the smoke will clear, and it's coming.

For a while now we have been ingesting a narrative that has some truth to it. Cosby probably used his power and prestige and went after the ladies. However, that isn't a crime and powerful people do that all the time. Did he really drug and assault them? That is the question. When you look at all the empirical evidence on at least some of these cases that have any dates, times or locations attached the answer without a doubt is, "no".

Just imagine what you get when you keep things out of court and allow the media to control the flow of information, edit details, lead public thought and build the narratives. You get story building. You get injustice and an obliteration of the justice system protocol. You get a witch hunt. The media picks the winners and losers. They don't want critical thought or transparency. If there were any journalistic integrity they would have published all of the accusers who lied, but they did not. For example, just because some of them got caught in lies did not necessarily mean they all lied. If the media brought people on the news and one or a few of them were caught in inconsistencies it's only right that that be reported as well. They didn't. They wanted no reasonable doubt to fall on any one of them as it threatened to weaken the story. That's exactly what exposes the media and the agenda. Someone did not want any one of them exposed even when it was warranted because this was being protected. And when entities choose to suppress or withhold information, you bet something isn't right.

They are working in only one direction and the directive and decree from "on high" is that "Cosby must fall". And because of the indoctrination, we now have misdirected people all over the place who will attack you for speaking the truth for what it is. Join the posse if you will, but you are not being told the truth and this is not justice. According to the empirical evidence, not just opinion, this is a sham for the ages.

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