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Booksmart Movie Review + Cast & Trailer

Updated on December 29, 2020
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Independent filmmakers need their time in the limelight. Everyone's got to start somewhere and here I showcase some recent up-and-comers.

Booksmart movie poster 2019 is on Hulu in the USA & Netflix in France.
Booksmart movie poster 2019 is on Hulu in the USA & Netflix in France. | Source

If you've not seen the smash hit movie, Booksmart you're missing out. In addition, if you're a lover of comedy films with great casts that tout a positive body image and highlight the strength of friendships then watch Booksmart as soon as possible. This film is easy to miss, despite its glowing recommendations. There are tonnes of movies just like it. However not many have this many things going for them.

The story follows two studious girls Amy and Molly. They discover the four years they spent knee-deep in books cost them more than just fun nights. Amy and Molly are played by Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein. The two girls come together like peas in a pod. Both are determined to make up for lost time and go looking for the party of all parties to end their school years right.

Who Wrote Booksmart?

Booksmart was written by Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel, and Katie Silberman. Halpern and Haskins have both written for many TV series, however, this film is their feature-length film debut. Fogel and Silberman have previously written The 'Spy Who Dumped Me' and the latter wrote 'Isn't It Romantic.'

Booksmart marks director Olivia Wildes' directorial debut.

The soundtrack to this 102-minute coming of age comedy can be found on Amazon and features all the fantastic tracks like:

  • One Night Left by Dan The Automator and Full Star

What Does it Mean to Be Booksmart?

The moral of the film is centered on the fact that Molly and Amy are book smart. This means that they both value studying, over everyday life choices. Their allocation is as part of the bookworm or nerd section of the school. Popularity be-dammed.

In early scenes, Molly has a conversation in the toilets discovering her self-righteous placement of being better off than those deemed slackers is incorrect. After hearing a girl and two boys talk about her in a negative way, she emerges to discover their lack of straight-A behavior has amounted to just as much clout in university options as she got. Molly chose to forgo having fun, going to parties and getting involved in what many see as a right of passage. For nothing.

The narrative will remind you of many comedy coming of age films you've seen before. But it never fails to be unique at the same time. The film is contemporary and witty. In films similar to this like; Mean Girls, Clueless, and Dazed and Confused, Booksmart is not a story aimed at young kids rather older teens and young adults.

Molly and Amy imagine themselves as Barbie Dolls on an acid trip. Booksmart comedy movie 2019.
Molly and Amy imagine themselves as Barbie Dolls on an acid trip. Booksmart comedy movie 2019. | Source

Favorite Characters from the Booksmart Movie

Molly and Amy are by far two of my most favorite characters in the film.

Despite their age, they are witty and funny. Although there's a lot of overt and over-the-top conversation about homosexuality and sex in general, I felt this was done in a tongue-in-cheek manner. I was totally on board with their style of banter and felt it added more than it took away. Not to mention the scenes containing prolific drug use because there is plenty of that here too. Molly and Amy inadvertently end up on an acid trip facilitated by the vivacious and abnormal Gigi which leads to hilarious scenes involving both girls thinking they've turned into Barbie Dolls.

In fact, I found a lot of the storyline humorous. Billie Lourd's role as Gigi happened to be my favorite of the cast. In her almost lemur style appearance, she pops up from time to time to deliver one-liners and monotone quips. Every line of Gigi's dialogue felt fitting, in the rushed and busy pacing. Writers even managed to bring some depth into the supporting cast with great backstories which eventually meshed with the central plot about friendship, loyalty, and self-worth.

Lastly, Skyler Gisondo as Jared is also pegged as a surprise character and had his own great personality traits. Instead of being allotted the generic school rich kid with generic sundries of being a powerful bully, here there is much more going on. I am always pleased to see Gisondo in films, especially comedies like this. In Booksmart, his journey and ability to offer the world who he turns out to be just as important as many others.

Billie Lourd as Gigi in Booksmart 2019
Billie Lourd as Gigi in Booksmart 2019 | Source

Overall Summary of Booksmart, Should You Watch It?

Booksmart is a charming film with surprisingly great cinematography. There are some fabulous production assets surrounding close-ups in the closing credits where cast members are hit in slow motion with water balloons. I found these were a fitting end to a great movie overall.

The comedy film as a whole is highly enjoyable, especially if you aren't too sensitive about what many would consider vulgar. I didn't, I thought it was funny and found myself laughing a lot.

I give Booksmart 4 'scissoring isn't a thing' out of 5.

Booksmart Trailer

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