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Boondock Saints 2 : Will there be a Boondock Saints 3?

Updated on March 11, 2011

Finally, Boondock Saints 2 !

After literally years of false starts and promises, Director Troy Duffy will be making his much anticipated sequel to his 1999 Cult Classic, The Boondock Saints.

Filming has begun as of October 20th, 2008, shooting on location in Toronto. Original cast members Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus will be returning as the brothers Connor and Murphy McManu. Actor Willem Dafoe will not be returning and neither will the cat fondly remembered by fans for his explosive performance. The film although being on location in Toronto is still set in Boston.

The film is officially titled Boondock Saints 2 : All Saints Day and is being produced by Sony Pictures. Fans who wonder why this sequel has taken so long to create should see "Overnight" a documentary that chronicles the making of Boondock Saints and shows Director Troy Duffys tumultous and difficult path towards getting his movie made.

Overnight is actually a great watch to see how the process of getting a movie funded unfolds and the dangers of ego and excess that can overtake an artist.

As a huge fan of this movie, I am waiting anxiously for any trailers or information but there is still very little to be found.

2 years ago on St Patricks Day, 2007 Troy Duffy released a video on YouTube announcing the greenlight on his picture. The video was actually used as an opener for the one day only screening of Boondock Saints NC-17 version. Many of us fans, just sighed and hoped but it seems as if this project has finally come to fruition.

Will there be a boondock saints 3?
Will there be a boondock saints 3?

Troy Duffy's Message to fans

This new movie will have two new exciting characters, Romeo, a Hispanic American who may end up being the third saint and Eunice Bloom, a FBI agent with a bi-polar disorder. This character should make a nice replacement for the ambiguously gay character played by Willem Dafoe in the first Boondock Saints.

Boondock Saints was a direct to video movie primarily showcased by Blockbuster, it gained a massive cult following. Apparently, the uber-violent nature of the movie coupled with the Columbine massacres led to teh movie being blacklisted from mass distribution.

Luckily, this film will have no such issues.

Below you can see a fan made opening title sequence to Boondock Saints 2.

Official Trailer Sept 09!

Was Boondock Saints 2 worth the wait

2 years later after writing this article, I have never felt the need to rewatch Boondock Saints 2, I remember Roccos monologue to have been absolutely awesome, but otherwise, I was completely let down. It was a hell of a lead up and very hard to expect it to be as good as the first one, but I owuldnt have expected it to be as bad as I considered it to be.

Will there be a Boondock Saints 3?

The proposed title of Boondock Saints 3 is "Boondock Saints III: Saints Preserve Us"

Considering how long it took Duffy to make the second Boondock Saints movie and his propensity to exaggerate, it would be best if you didn't hold your breath expected a third installment. 

There is a comic book that provides a fuller back story to the ILL Duce legend.

Boondock saints 2 a let down

After ten years of waiting and hoping, Boondock Saints can only be described as a letdown.

I hope Troy duffy never makes another movie.

But, thanks for the twist at the end, buddy.


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