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Brad Pitt on Twitter

Updated on February 5, 2012

Brad Pitt. He's been the sexiest man of the year and as a good wine, he seems to be getting better with age. From his charitable work to his drive to adopt all of the orphans of the world, Mr. Brad Pitt has a lot to celebrate in his life – and fans want to follow his success.

But is Brad Pitt on Twitter?

Brad Who?

Brad Pitt – the man who married Angelina Jolie and fathered some of her children – is a legend, or at least aspiring to become one. This man is the first on many a woman's lips when they're asked who they'd like to have as their husband/partner/lover/knight in shining armor.

Brad Pitt on Twitter? Why Would He?

Many celebrities are on twitter - just check here for my full listing of celebrities on twitter.

Aside from Wentworth Miller's twitter account, Brad Pitt is the most sought after celebrity on twitter.

With 140 characters to use, an account for Brad Pitt on Twitter would be no bad thing. From dispensing parenting advice to the masses, to dating tips for men who want someone like Angelina, Brad would have quite a following of men and of women. He could also use Twitter to tweet about his favorite charitable causes:

Not only could Brad Pitt charm his celebrity twitter followers and fans with his good deeds, but he could also let others know what he was doing for the charities. Think of the money that could be raised.

Angelina, Maddox and Brad Pitt

Evidence For A Celebrity Brad Pitt Twitter Account

Brad doesn't really seem to have time to tweet, does he? That fact in and of itself makes a strong case against Brad Pitt on Twitter. And the many hours spent looking on Twitter for Brad also came up empty.

It seems that having six kids and one of the most beautiful women in the world in your home does not make for a tweet-friendly environment.  And who can blame him (but we wish.... oh, how we wish...)

Evidence Against A Celebrity Brad Pitt Twitter Account

If you need advice on spotting a real from a fake celebrity, check here for my How to spot a fake twitter celebrity page.

Darn it.

Here is a list of the (current) fake accounts of the man known as Brad Pitt on Twitter:

@_Brad_Pitt_ - These tweets are a bit obnoxious and racist at times – oh, and it hasn't been updated since 2007.

@Braddadpitt – This Twitter account tweets about charities and states they aren't associated with Brad.

@not_bradpitt – Well, this one is pretty open about being a fake, isn't it?

@thepitts – Like Angelina Jolie would ever let Brad call their family "The Pitts"

@JrBradPitt – Well, Angelina and Brad haven't made any Jr Brad Pitts…yet.

@WilliamBradleyP - This one openly admits to being a fake.

@BPandAJ – Again, Brad and Angie have more class than just using their initials. And this account is from Arizona. Not one of the many places the Pitt-Jolie clan lives or from which they adopt.

Tweeting with a celebrity name is nothing new, but when it comes to taking Brad Pitt's name as your own, there might be a law against this sort of celebrity abuse.

While you might not find Brad Pitt on Twitter, it's true that you can find many a man who wants to become him – or just have a night alone with his partner.

Maybe if Brad's life ever slows down, the idea of Brad Pitt on Twitter won't be such a far-fetched one. But, for now, the DVDs of his movies are going to have to do.

Women, your breath is probably going to continue to be bated for a while. Time for another round of "Thelma and Louise," "Legends of the Fall," "Troy," and any other Brad movie where his pecs play center stage.

How would he tweet about his pecs anyway? Words just can't do them or his eyes justice.

Typical fake Brad Pitt twitter account... after a while gets suspended...

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

This hub brought to you...

by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this licence, visit or send a letter to CreativeCommons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California94105, USA.


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    • profile image

      ivonne arismendi 6 years ago

      mi hermoso amigo te deceo un martes maravilloso junto a tus seres querido espero que sea de mucha bendicion y buena vibras tqmmmm besos a tu familia y tus hijos besitos

    • profile image

      ivonne arismendi 6 years ago

      bello que tengas un buen fin de semana junto a los tuyos de chile mis bendiciones y todo mi cariño gracias por todo lo que nos entregas te adoro mucho mil besitos

    • profile image

      ivonne arismendi 6 years ago

      bello eres una persona maravillosa un gran actor que tengas mucha suerte que dios te guie en todo y sea lleno de amor,paz,bondad,besos creo que el papito dios pone angeles en la tierra para ayudar al proximo y eso eres tu y tu bella esposa mil besos a tus hijos que siempre tengas una muy buena salud para que asi sigas ayudando a quien lo necesita en el mundo hay muchos que se preocupan de cosas que destruyen nuestro bello planeta vivimos en constante preocupados de destruirnos sin pensar que la vida es tan hermosa y corta que dios sufre al saber que lo que el creo se esta rompiendo en mil pedazos tal vez este bello mensaje nunca lo puedas leer pero tengo la confianza de que lo que se dice con el corazon siempre se sabe mil amor,bendiciones,vida,salud,fe,esperanza,te quiero por lo mas bello que eres un gran ser humano besosssssss

    • profile image

      ximena barriaq 6 years ago

      que tengas una semana maravillosa junto a tu familia mil bendiciones de chile muchos besos te quiero mucho gracias por tu hermoso trabajo xau

    • profile image

      ivonne arismendi 6 years ago

      gracias por entregarnos tu talento te envio mis bendiciones de chile dios guie tu hermoso camino mil besitos a tus hijitos exito en todo lo que hagas junto a tus seres queridos eres un ser humano maravilloso

    • profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago

      brad en primer lugaresre un ejemplo a seguir soy de bolivia y debo decirteque en mi paiis todos son unos mediocres pero menos yo me gustaria ser una actris

    • profile image

      sheila de los santos 6 years ago

      brad te amooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

      sos hermosoooooooo!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Lam 7 years ago

      Brad Pitt and Angie are not married yet.

    • profile image

      Livia 7 years ago

      Brad Pitt é insubstituível em beleza e talento. Lindo, lindo, lindo... Deus te abençoe e tua família!!! Quero mais e mais filmes Brad, saúde e sucesso por milhares de anos ahayyyyyyyyy!!! Beijos

    • profile image

      sarah m 7 years ago

      hi. i love and cat.

    • profile image

      laura  7 years ago

      i love your hair. i saw babel and just because a cat.beijamim button i loved you.

    • profile image

      Native Girl from N.M. 7 years ago

      Just like to wish Brad a Happy Birthday this Saturday, December 18th. We share birthdays and I'll keep you on my mind all day... May the Creator bless you and your family.

    • profile image

      keltoum 7 years ago

      Hello, i am from France; And i just want to say you that i like you both. Brad your are the most handsome man in the world and you,Angelina,your are the most beautiful girl in the world, not only physically but also with the heart. (PS:excuse me for my english whih is not good).

    • profile image

      victoria  7 years ago

      soy de uruguay y siempre me gusto Brad es el hombre mas lindo del mundoooooo!! no hay otro como el es hermoso bueno queria comentarlo muchas gracias

    • profile image

      Intimrasur 7 years ago

      Maybe we will find him these days, I saw a TV Show where he told that he now has one of "that cool smartphones which offers internet, Twitter and all that stuff" :-D After Angelina sent all those private family tweets, Brad maybe wants to be part of it, I guess.


    • profile image

      Rosy Mendoza  7 years ago

      Te amo!!!!! Brad siempre he estado enamorada de ti

      eres lo maximo

      Que dios te cuide por muchos años y a tus bebes!!

    • profile image

      diana de colombia 7 years ago

      you are the best brad i love you!!!!!

    • profile image

      eliana 7 years ago



    • profile image

      catrina 7 years ago

      sobre o filme beijamin butto é emosionamti e al mesmo tempo maravilhoso realmenti qualdo eu o vi a primeira ti que surpresa é imprecionamti naõ só estri filme mas tanbem tos os tipos de trabalhos que ele fes mas oque eu mais adimirei foi o beijamin buttom e alejandre o grande...assnado catrina

    • profile image

      paula  8 years ago

      eres uy bueno en tus actuaiones eres divino espero conocerte algun dia

    • profile image

      aflamcafe 8 years ago

      es talentoso, es profesional, y multifacetico..... todas las peliculas que ha hecho tienen su toque personal lo admiro y aparte de todo es muy guapo!!!

      espero poder conocerlo....

    • profile image

      Ariany 8 years ago

      Oi ! Sou Ariany moro no Brsil

      Te amoo D+

      Sou mto sua fã tenho até uma pasta cheia de fotos suas e da Agelina,tenho muitos filmes seus o meu favorito é Entrevista com o vampiro - "Interview in the vampire"


    • profile image

      Breezy 8 years ago

      Brad, you are a very handsome guy but you are aging yourself by ten years with that beard. Please, shave that thing off and look like the handsome dude you are.

    • profile image

      Moneyball Movie 8 years ago

      Did you know about the latest movie project for Brad Pitt called Moneyball? This movie will be launched in 2011 as I read at

    • profile image

      cristiane moreira 8 years ago

      hi brad you my following is my twitter..i love you

    • profile image

      thamyris cristina 8 years ago

      e ai brad pitt se é de +++++++++++ muito gato sou sua fa de coraçao bjs

    • profile image

      alejandra 8 years ago

      brad pitt me ponee!!! jajajajajajaja

    • profile image

      cata 8 years ago


      how are? how are yours childrenn??? pliss tell me about all


    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      Interesting hub! I see you have some french and spanish comments! I guess Brad Pitt is quite popular. It is often to determine the real people from the fakers on twitter. Thanks for the advice. BTW, Cheeky Kea (cheekykea) is on Twitter - the real deal! :)

    • profile image

      crystelle 8 years ago

      es talentoso, es profesional, y multifacetico..... todas las peliculas que ha hecho tienen su toque personal lo admiro y aparte de todo es muy guapo!!!

      espero poder conocerlo....

    • profile image

      laura patricia  8 years ago

      i love much brad pitt

    • profile image

      amel 8 years ago

      bonjour je ne sais pas si vous lisez les messages en français,mais je tenais à vous dire bravo pour votre soutien,aux plus démunies de cette palnéte.

      je m'occupe également d'une association au maroc et au mali ,pour creuser des puits d'eau pour les habitants,c'est génial. à bientot

    • profile image

      Virginia Roberts 8 years ago

      I would love to see this couple do a remake of the hitchcock film, Notorious, originally starring G. Peck and I. Bergman. Pitt could be the Peck role and Angelina would be the Bergman lady AND Alec Baldwin could do the Claude Rains part of the spy-husband. I also think they would make perfect R. Butler and S. O'Hara people for a remake of Gone with the Wind. (I always wanted Hollywood to redo that film with Liz Taylor and R. Burton when they were younger.)

    • profile image

      Belkiss 8 years ago

      Sou apaixonada por você...

      Moro no Brasil, em uma cidade histórica chamada Sabará.

      Quando você tiver oportunidade de visitar aqui, não deixei de me procurar .

      Acho sua família maravilhosa, por todas as atitudes que tem com as causas socias e pelas crianças.

      Já assisti a todos seus filmes .

      Um grande Beijo ..

    • profile image

      ireni aparecida gonçalves de oliveira . 8 years ago

      espero estar mandando um recado para o bred e a angelina nao sei ler ingles e nen escrever mas sei que voces sao muito caridosos e estou precisando de ajuda para o meu filho e poderem me ajudar vou ficar grata pelo resto de minha VIDA REZAREI A CADA DIA MAIS POR VOCES E SEUS FILHOS BEIJOS E EU SEI QUE VOCES AJUDAM A QUEM PATE EM SUA PORTAB NAO SEI MAIS O QUE FAZER PORISSO ESTOU MANDANDO ESTE BILHETE QUE NEN MESMO SEI SE VOCES IRAO LER O MAI UM GRANDE ABRAÇO E SOU FA DE VOCES!

    • profile image

      brag pitt? 8 years ago

      how about

    • profile image

      Musart  8 years ago

      My name is Perry Muse Sr. I was born in New Orleans, I am a Musician as well as an Artist, which is how I came up with the screen name of Musart. I have some artwork that I would love to introduce to Brad Pitt. He would be speechless, this I know. All of my photo artwork is physically 3D work, from which was once a poster pic or a large pic. My cell is 678-748-7463 my e-mail is If I thought I could get a true address for Brad I would send a piece to him myself. I take this artwork very seriously, simply because, I know that its a gift from God. Many people have asked me, where did you learned to do this? My answer was, In order for someone to have the knowledge to teach what I do, someone would have to taught them also. I see my work as an evolution, or a transformation to photo art. It began while I was in the U.S. Army about 10-98 up until this now, but, due to hardships in life especially the total separation and divorce. I haven't been inspired in so very long, until now. During my healing process I realized that I need to share my gift with the world and it will also lift my spirit. I am a single man that's in need of a higher spirit about now. I need to also find myself far more dedicated to my music. I can say something special to someone, or touch a heart in a good way. I have to reconstruct my life, I know that my artwork can also touch many, it already has and I know for sure that a few of the songs which I wrote can also touch many, especially gospel and a love ballart. I just want my life to have been a blessing whom ever I 've encountered. So I am ready to be introduce to the world by Brad Pitt, because, he has a passion for where my journey of life began. I plan to be in New Orleans next week. I plan to join an Art Gallery down there somewhere. I see myself as the wave of the future with my photo artwork. Reasons are, the finish produce will never displayed behind glass, I finish them with what I would call a liquid glass that is poured over the completed project, it will never be flat, because it would be physically 3D, 4D, or more. By the way I am also a disabled veteran. My life is and always has been in the hands of God, I pray that this message get to the hands of Brad and Angelina May God bless us all and have a nice day.


      Perry Muse Sr.

    • profile image

      ana paula 8 years ago

      oi sou do brasil.. vc é mt lindo meu email é

    • profile image

      rochelle 8 years ago

      I am happy that Brad is truly happy as he says with angelina and the children. Please Brad I am not telling what to do but you are just doing the right thing making your family with angie the best you can and please dont hurt angie and the children be eally sensitive on how this whole thing will come out if you leave them responsibilities and due are not easy to back out as it will always be rewarded awfully and bad AS YOU SAY WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND WE ARE ALL GOING TO THE POINT THAT OUR LIFE IS GETTING SHORTER AS WE AGE SO WE ALL NEED TO JUST DO WHAT IS GOOD AND BE GOOD. GOD BLESS AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOU ALL

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 9 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Hmm He's good enough to eat :)

    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 9 years ago

      I think Brad Pitt is one of the better actors out there. I don't pay attention to who is married to who; that's just muscial chairs in Hollywood anyway. Brad Pitt is not the only Brad Pitt in the world. Other Brad Pitts don't even have to fake it to have fun with his fame.


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