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Brad Jacques - Filmmaker

Updated on January 16, 2015

Brad Jacques

Brad Jacques is a film director, film editor and actor.

Born July 11, 1969, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, he now makes his home in Los Angeles, California.

I've had the honor to appear in seven of his films, beginning with his 10 minute short Midnightmare, and I was the first actor ever to give Brad a headshot.

Check out the information on Brad's films in the modules below.

Brad Jacques

Brad Jacques
Brad Jacques

Films directed by Brad Jacques

  • Retreat
  • The Pact
  • Serial Intentions
  • Pray For Power
  • Leaving Scars
  • Blind Drive


Serial Intentions

Pray For Power

Leaving Scars

Leaving Scars

Leaving Scars
Leaving Scars

Leaving Scars video clip

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