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Brave Movie Review - Disney Pixar Movies

Updated on July 27, 2014

Disney Pixar released the new animation movie for 2012, BRAVE, set in mythical Scotland. Pixar is known for their animation and BRAVE is another example of high quality animation.

It has slow start at the beginning when it seems like another MULAN story where you have a strong female role model who goes against tradition and is brave to be herself.

However, it surprised me when this Pixar movie had a turn of events and the strong presence of the mother and her journey and character change. This is what you would not predict from the movie trailers.

I am an adult and I love Disney animated movies. Keep in mind that young children, under six years old, do find some of the scenes in Brave scary when the bears are fighting in each other. It may be better for children to watch a different Disney Pixar movie, or better yet, the parents can preview first. I don't have any kids but the moms I know have described Brave as a movie that is scary for their children.

Disney Pixar Movie Trailer

Princess Merida is strong and brave from the beginning of the movie. We see her as the female role model who we know is going to go against tradition. There is no character change and her role is quite predictable. It is not her bravery that is the strength of the movie.

Surprisingly the end of the movie trailer gives you a sneak peak at who the movie is truly about. Mother Bear. The mother is the one who goes through a character change and growth which is attractive and easy to relate to. To see the mother's vulnerability and hardships as she learns how to be brave, strong, and independent. She rises to be a true protector of the family which is a change in traditional gender roles.

Overall because of the Mother Bear's character development and strong animation, I would recommend Disney Pixar's Brave. Brave is great for families to watch together and especially if you want a mother daughter bonding movie.

Even the last scene where the mother and daughter are riding along the mountains, it confirms freedom, independence and the strength of a strong family relationship.

I would rate it 8 stars.

What about you? What did you think of the movie?

Disney Pixar Brave Movie Review

5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Brave


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