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Bret Michaels

Updated on April 12, 2009

Rock of Love: 1

In the very first season of Rock of love I truely believed that Bret Michaels had found the girl of his dreams in Jes. I liked Heather also but thought that she just might have been a little too Naughty for him. Yea Right. What was I thinking. A stripper would have been right up Brets Alley but he felt something with Jes and thats why he choose her. But when the reunion came along she decided that she didnt want to be with him after all and thats when they decided to make a Rock Of Love 2 with Bret Michaels.

I do think that this is one way for VH1 to make some money by keeping shows like these going, But I am a avid watcher of any of these shows myself. I watch them all. Right down to I love NY, Rock Of Love, Tila Tequila, I Love Money, and more. I dont think that I will watch the new one coming out with Daisy who was on Rock Of Love 2. I personally was not a fan of Daisy and there fore I will not be endorsing anything to do with Daisy. I just didnt care for her attitude. I think she was a really pretty and sexy girl but when you add the attitude it makes it just suck I think.

Rock Of Love 2:

On the second Rock Of Love, Ambre wins over Brets heart but later on the two of them part their ways. I thought that Ambre would have made a good match for Bret but I guess once again I was wrong. It seems to be that Bret cant make up his mind about what and who he wants just like a women cant make up her mind about what and where she is going to be wearing a outfit too. I think that when you are placed in a situation where everything is being taped and then some., You know all the stuff we cant see that has been edited. There is bound to be some friction when it is all over and said and done with. I thought Ambre to be a nice girl who acted like she was nice and pleasant to be around and maybe after all was done and over with Bret decided he needed to have a bad girl and thats when he signed on to the Rock Of Love 3 Tour Bus Show.

Rock Of Love 3:

This season on the Rock of Love 3: Bret Michaels decides that he is going to be taking his girls on tour with him, Why hassle with trying to find a girl groupie to have sex with while out on tour when you can have your choice of the litter to have sex with. In this season you will find many of the retires from previous episodes come into play helping Bret along the way with differant tasks for each of them during the season. In one episode you have to help bret keep his little tiny baby doll safe while roller hockeying. In another episode you have to watch some kids while they play at the pool at one of the hotels. Which we all know is a crock because who is going to leave their kids to be watched by a bunch of girls that they have never met before. All the while the girls are trying to prove to Bret that each one of them belongs with him and why they belong with him. Some of the girls even try to show Bret why the 2 of the girls would make a perfect match for him trying to keep them to the end. In some cases alot of drinking had taken place when certain drinkers are along for the free booze. Why not send them home right off the bat. We seen that happen in a previous season when the girl failed to show to the elimanation when she was to busy being passed out upstairs in the bedroom after having so much to drink she couldnt move and passed out right there. It seems to be the same old girls every season.

In this season Bret chooses the girl who won Penthouse Pet Of The Year, Who was supposiably not trying to promote Penthouse at all but we always see her advertising herself and promoting the magazone. Good going Bret choose the girl who every guy has seen with her crap displayed all over for the world to see then the Good Old Girl from next door that every man dreams about because she is the girl that every guy wants to bring home to mom. You know what the saying is, You Dont know what you have til its gone comes to mind. They dont show how things get going in the bedroom if you know what I mean but I can think of how they start and with Mindy I am willing to bet that she was just like a cat in the bed. She was probably all over the place and a little rowdy just becuase she appears to be that way. The good girl gone bad. I hope there will not be another one of these shows in the near future. we will see what will happen after the reunion show and after everyone got the chance to see what the others were doing behind everyones backs and see just how much they are willing to put aside everything for the sake to be with Bret. Just sell your soul to the devil guys. It would probbly be easier and cheaper in the end dealing with the devil. When its all done and over with you might just think that is who you were dealing with anyways.

No more Bret Michaels shows for me thanks. I will try to catch the reunion show just to see what might transpire out of it but other then that I will not be catching up on any of the future shows that he might have coming out.


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