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Bridgend a documentary, young people taking their lives.

Updated on January 6, 2015


A span of 5 years, about 99 people...

This film has taken me three days to watch.

When a film is action and other works, of course it is very easy for me to write about.

But how can I write while watching a film that took me three days to watch, where in the documentary I wanted nothing more to reach through the screen and hug the people in this documentary that was left behind.

How do you write without sounding like a three ring circus and be respectful?

The lives in the documentary do matter, even the ones who have taken their own lives.

In the film, in Bridgend no one knows why these young people were taking their lives.

Of course in the media they must have blown it up and way out of proportion, without really caring about the families and those that were left behind without answers.

It hit a cord with me very deep because at a time in my life, I wanted to kill myself and commit suicide so this is not something I can take lightly.

With recent news with people like Robin Williams taking his life and hearing shocking news when people do it and you don't expect it, are there real signs that maybe someone could be saved?

It is very hard to even sit and write, because how can you sit and write when it is something that really happened that was a tragedy?

How does a whole town cope with such loss and they still don't have answers?

From what I seen in the documentary, many hung themselves.

I do not know the town myself, never been there so I can not be judgement.

It seems in the film people, from what they saying people are depressed where they live without living with much hope.

I hope in the telling of this film, it does help to reach out to others.

For me, I think those young lives matter, but if you live with anguish and feel like maybe there is no hope, how can you get through to anyone that doesn't want to live anymore?

Of all things, I am not sure how I understand why someone would want to take their lives, but I feel as though it is inside a person feels like they are living with this "anguish" all the time inside.

It is something that is probably constant and I think some people can handle it in different ways.

It goes much deeper than just to put someone on medication, because they are deep anguish feelings that you have that you carry with you.

Once again, this film had taken me three days to watch. I wish I could hug the parents and the people that are left here that now have to live with an anguish of unanswered questions.

If you don't feel for the people left behind then you indeed are not human.

The people in the documentary could be anyone's family anywhere and if you can't relate to families and look into their eyes and see they are hurting because they miss people that are not here anymore, what can I say?

I think letting the families talk and let them tell people how they feel is something the world should know.

What is hard in the media, things get so blown up and out of proportion (yes I am repeating myself) that what is the most important things that do matter get over looked and it is the family.

When it comes to someone taking their lives, the media is going to focus so much on the deaths because it is something that seems to sell stories.

I'd liked to hear more about the families and know if they are ok.

The time passing the stories of the span of the 5 years of the 99 or so suicide will go away from the media and of course the families will be forgotten.

I think John Michael Williams tried to write the best he could and I think he tried to show the families in a respectful way.

He let the families talk.

As they went on and talked about their loved ones taking their lives, I feel as though their lives will never be the same. But how could it?

When you have people in your life that make you feel complete and happy and then in one second they are not there and you don't expect it, of course you are going to mourn for the rest of your lives.

Each family member, each mother, father, sister, brother have no answers and I think I would feel the same way they would.

I think when John went to set about doing the documentary, he tried to get as much answers as he could. There were articles but when John went to the police, he was told that no police officer would speak to him because the police would then lose their jobs.

Once again, it is probably something hard to talk about it.

What I am hoping that in the town of Bridgend I hope the families that are still here, know that they are important and if I saw them I wanted to let them know they are loved.

I wish I could tell the children in that town they are wanted and they matter.

Once again I don't live there, so I am not sure what it is like to live there.

You can't condemn a town, if you never been there or don't live there but from far away, I hope people in the town of Bridgend know they "matter".

Yes I can sit here and write all I want because I don't live in the town of Bridgend and I won't know what it is to know such a huge loss a whole town feels.

I just wish to send out hope and love over to the town of Bridgend.

I am not sure how all the people of this town is doing now, but I hope in my heart that they have some peace and happiness in their lives.

Please God, send love and light to the town of Bridgend.


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