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Bright Falls, Case Study and a bit more Alan Wake. Videos fixed.

Updated on October 15, 2013

Welcome! To Bright Falls!

Alan Wake's Bright Falls was the source for prequel webseries to inspire further interest in the game.

Before Alan Wake was released, Microsoft commissioned a Live-Action prequel webseries in order to sustain existing interested folks as well as to appeal to new comers. The webseries was broken into 6 parts, and is available for download directly from the Xbox 360 Marketplace under Alan Wake as well as viewable directly off of youtube (which can vary HD and non-HD) and off the webseries director's personal website: Philip Van (which is featured in HD, and the site is undergoing some restructuring). More of Philip can be found on his site as well as his profile on Vimeo.

Additionally featured off of Philip's website is a Case Study video going over details of Beightfalls and Alan Wake, of what they did to make the webseries actually fit into the world rather than just 'be' there. More recently a video posted is a montage covering the atmospheres of Bright Falls, visual showcase of the area 'themes' used for the webseries. There is even a SoundTrack featured in full (and for download) which was composed by the band: Black Iris.

Bright Falls Blog.

There was a blog created to keep potential fans up-to-date of Bright Falls as well as some other things Alan Wake related.

The blog is viewable here.

It covers the webseries (even has a personal detail of each episode as well as an overview), has link and plug of a podcast (by Double Feature) comparing (or more accurately what makes each work) Stephen King's The Shining to Bright Falls, has a plug for an Alan Wake Novelization (available digitally) and other content. Like live action trailers for the game.

Each I'll cover briefly and link to for easy access. For now, here are the Episodes, in order, for your enjoyment.

Bright Falls: Oh Deer...

Bright Falls: Time Flies.

Bright Falls: Lights Out.

Bright Falls: Local Flavor.

Bright Falls: Off The Record.

Bright Falls: Clear Cut.

Alan Wake's Bright Falls: Case Study.

A final touch.

After the webseries was released, there was a 'Case Study' created to show what went into creating the webseries. It showcases their direction, how it was perceived, plug for the Pandora Radio for the music done within the series (not the Sound Track), and more. The Case Study was featured off of the Director's website, but due to the restructuring it is currently missing. But I've hosted it on youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Post Script.

Leaving off with this, I'll link to the Pandora Radio page and to a place to download the Black Iris Sound Track for the webseries, since it too is currently missing from the site.

All in all, with all that said (or rather, little) it was a nice treat for any Alan Wake potential fans as well as Remedy followers already interested in the game. The webseries was done in such a fashion that it further compliments the game, which is rare this day and age,

The Downloadable goodies:

The Departed.

With Bright Falls being right before Alan Wake (literally), during Alan Wake is a sub story going on in the form of collectable 'manuscript' pages. When completed, formulate a story he was 'forced' to write.

For those curious of those very pages (or haven't collected them all yet) you can check them out on the following links:

  1. Manuscript Pages from Episodes 1 and 2.
  2. Manuscript Pages from Episodes 3 and 4.
  3. Manuscript Pages from Episodes 5 and 6.

Revised 3/15

House of Dreams... Wake connection?

There was a blog mentioned off of the Official Alan Wake/Remedy forums a little while ago titled 'This House of Dream' in which tells the story of a new house owner and her adventure in fixing up the house. Till she discovered a shoebox of poems, photos and she begins having strange dreams.

There is a fair bit of content (even mentions the 'Book' titles of Alan Wake on one photo). Check it out if you are an Alan Wake fan, you may indirectly get some insight of the next potential Alan Wake project.

This House of Dreams.

Since it was mentioned on the Official Alan Wake Forums, as well as there being a photo of the Alan Wake writer 'Sam' at his house, it was debunked that the blog was indeed a trolling piece of work by Remedy (same piece of house shown with him on the forum as is without him on the blog, blog is also written by a 'Samantha'). If anything, that last bit was a worthy mention.



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