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Music Reviews: Lady Gaga

Updated on December 31, 2012
This is the cover of Lady Ga Ga's "Fame Monster CD" There are some interesting photos inside as well.
This is the cover of Lady Ga Ga's "Fame Monster CD" There are some interesting photos inside as well.
I would guess you would say that this is the bonus cover for "The Fame Monster." It is also the cover of Ga Ga's Last CD. Which is part of the 2 disc set. I like this cover better.
I would guess you would say that this is the bonus cover for "The Fame Monster." It is also the cover of Ga Ga's Last CD. Which is part of the 2 disc set. I like this cover better.

Stupid Lady Gaga News: 2010

We all know that Lady Gaga is becoming very popular these days, right? From her crazy outfits, strange music videos, and concert mishaps, she is drawing a lot of attention to herself. But then there is also a slew of pointless news. Most recently a lewd gesture at a baseball game. My god, obviously the reporters who put out this stuff have never been to a baseball game, where lewd gestures and profanity rain from the stands. If there was a "you suck!" counter, and teams were paid by the dollar for each gesture, They would probably make as much money as they do selling the beer that causes it all. Give me a break!

This is about as newsworthy as Lindsy Lohan's ankle bracelet. I just thought I would ad it to my hub for your entertainment. (Any update is a good update!)


My review of Lady Ga Ga: The Fame Monster

For those of you who are Lady Ga Ga fans, I have some good news for you. Ga Ga's latest CD "The Fame Monster." will not disapoint you. I was very surprised when I picked up the CD at my local shopping center, to learn that it is a double album set.

Disc 1 has only 8 tracks on it. When you first listen to it, you will think, man this is weird! But, after just a few spins on your CD player you will be singing along and enjoying it a lot. The songs are just so different, it takes some getting used to.

Songs of note on Disc 1 are as follows.

1. Bad Romance. Obviously the best track on the CD. This song has a great beat, and, is one of the first tracks on the album that really liked. I see packed dance floors for this one!

2 Speachless. This is just a very good Ballad, where Lady Ga Ga showcases her voice. She really can sing. Few people know where she originally performed. I think she's awesome!

3. Show Me Your Teeth: Probably the strangest song on the ablum, with a beat that is so wonderfully strange, you just can't help but like it.

4. Alejandro: For some reason this song kind of reminds me of a cross between ABBA's Fernando and Madonna's La Isla Bonita. But, it's still very clubbish and totally Ga Ga.

5. Telephone: I love this song, it's actually kind of funny, because it a song about people who call you at the worst possible times. In her case, when she is trying to party!

The remainder of the songs on Disc One are good as well. but, the songs I mentioned are probably the best tracks on the album. It is what is on Disc Two that suprised me.

Disc Two is basically Ga Ga's Fame CD with a bonus song, and a few twists to a couple of the tracks. If you do not have the Fame CD, don't rush out and buy it. Get the Fame Monster, and you will have both CD's in one, without having to purchase the other.

Disc Two has the best Lady Ga Ga tracks on it. But that is just my opinion. The added song is just a bonus to what is already great about this CD. I don't want to make this too long. But here are some of the best tracks on Disc 2. According to my favorite down.

1. Love Game! This song is so funky. I originally thought it was called "Disco Stick" It packs the dance floors in my local club when they play it. It's just a great dance tune.

2. Poker Face. Probably the most popular song by Lady Ga Ga. many imitaters out there trying to cash in on this one. But, I will tell you that you can't get better than this.

3. The Fame. Another great dance tune. Like Love Game. It is very catchy and fun.

4. Just Dance. Another dance tune. Pretty good, something to sing along to.

5. Money Honey...More funkiness from Ga Ga. I picture her in a dress made of dollar bills.

6. Boys, Boys, Boys...I would think that this song would have the same reaction as Motely Crue's Girls, girls, girls....with the audience chanting 'boys, boys, boys" at a live show. It's kind of cutesy compared to the edge of the rest of the album. but. it's fun and easy to sing to. It's one of those songs that will pop into your head, and you can't get it out!

7. Paparazzi. This is just a good song. Not really a dance tune. But pretty good.

8. Brown Eyes. Another Lady Ga Ga Ballad. The only slow song on the ablum. nice song.

There are several more tracks on the double set 22 songs total for your Ga Ga overload. I totally recommend getting this album. If you like Dance music, This is for you! Look for it at your local music store! I got mine on black Friday! The only one left!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my review.

Lady Gaga on Ellen


I recently had to remove the "Speechless" video link, because it apparently was removed by Youtube. So, I thought I would replace it with the entire track list of the fame monster CD. This in in the exact order on the CD. I will also rate each song from 1-10, 1 being not so great, and 10 being one of my favorites on the CD. Lets get started! Starting with disc one, this is a 2 disc set.

1. Bad Romance: 10! Love it

2. Alejandro: 9

3. Monster: 7

4.Speechless: 10+ My favorite song on the CD

5. Dance In The Dark: 8

8. Telephone: 10

9. So happy I could die?: 7

10. Teeth: 10. Love this song, it's very funky.

Disc two. (The entire fame CD is included in this set.)

1. Just Dance: 10

2. Love Game: 10

3. Pappaazzi: 8

4. Poker Face: 10. This song brought Lady Gaga instant fame.

5. Nothing else I can say: 7

6. Beautiful Dirty Rich. 7

7. The Fame: 10! Love this one!

8. Money Honey: 7

9. Starstruck. 8 (added song, just for fame Monster)

10. Boys Boys Boys: 10! It's just a fun song.

11. Paper Gangster. 7

12. Brown Eyes: 9 (The only ballad very nice)

12. I like it rough. 8

13. Summer Boy: 9 I like this song because it's so different from the rest of the CD.

Can't Get Your Cher Fix?

The Diva Poll

If you like Divas which of these do you like best?

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Do You Need Your Gaga Fixed?

Other Dynamite Divas You might enjoy!

Here is a list of other music Divas That I have in My collection that you might like. As with all my reviews I will lest them in according to my favorites down. But, As a note. There are no losers here. These albums are all top notch, and the artists Music Icons.

1. Madonna

I have several CD's by Madonna. 2 greatest hits albums, including the new "Celebration" and the "Immaculate Collection." Which I will review separately in their own hubs." I also have her latest releases. "Hard Candy" and "Confessions on a dance floor." These newer CD's continue to show how truly talented Madonna is. And how good she is a re-inventing herself. I have never been disappointed with a Madonna album. they are all good.

2. Cher

Like Madonna, Cher is a music legend. I never even listened to her music until a few years ago. Several albums later, and seeing her Farewell tour Live! I have become hooked on Cher. The most recent CD I have are "The very best of Cher." "The Farewell Tour." and "Believe." For pushing 70, Cher remains one of the biggest music icons to walk the planet. One of her funniest comments is. People say, if the world ends the only things left will be cock roaches and Cher. She just won't go away! I love her!

3. Janet Jackson

When I was in my early 20's Janet Jackson's music was all around me. I have a lot of her old stuff on Cassette, but I think the best of her music is on "Design of a Decade." I did not realize how much of an impact Janet had on her fans until I saw her live at the Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids Michigan. (I also saw Cher and KISS there.) The audience screamed so loud the first 14 minutes of her appearance on stage she had to stop singing and start over, because you could not hear her. It was a really great show! "Usher" was the opening act.

4. Cyndi Lauper

Although Cyndi is not so much a Diva as she is a great vocalist. I have been a fan of hers for many years. I was so glad to see her live when she opened for Cher's "Farewell tour" in Grand Rapids. I have her "sins" album. Which is a collection of her greatest hits. Her song "true Colors." is probably one of the most touching songs of all time.


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    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 7 years ago from Northern Michigan

      You're welcome. I know that her speechless, and the whole Piano in the air idea was really something to see, so I had to post it. But, then I saw another video, wear she sings the same song at a concert, where the piano is in a glass booth, she smashes the glass and goes in to the booth and sets the piano on fire, and she sings speechless while surrounded by fire, and the burning piano...Craziest thing I've ever seen.

    • camlo profile image

      Camlo De Ville 7 years ago from Cologne, Germany

      I really enjoyed 'Speechless'.

      I must admit, I'd never realised Lady Gaga had such a good voice. Quite strong, in fact.

      Thanks for putting these videos here for us!

      All the best, Camlo

    • bat115 profile image

      Tim 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Lady Gaga is so crazy... in a good way!

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      Thanks for the idea Pearlciver. I'll try that.

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 8 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      You need to place your amazon capsules higher on your page (near your poll) to ensure that they are always seen. Try it for awhile and see how you go.

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      You should be able to buy this CD on my page! The fame monster is listed in my amazon capsule! There are 2 versions of it listed that I can see. The Fame monster deluxe edition, and the fame Monster. I don't know what the difference is between the two.

      There are also several cds by Madonna, and a couple by Cher.

      If you can't see them let me know! They sure show up at my end. How am I going to make any money if nobody can see the ads! let me know!

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 8 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Good review BC and not only a great subject, but also album. Lady Ga Ga is a very astute artist and marketer. I'm sure she also learnt from Madonna in many ways. But far better looking lol. Why can't we buy this CD on your hubpage? Thanks for sharing this... Write more.

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      Thanks for your comment Blondepoet. I think if Lady gaga

      can overcome her massive appeal, she can only get better.

      I saw a youtube video of her doing "Show me Your Teeth." And she fell flat on her butt! But, she got right back up and kept singing. It's definately the shoes. not made for dancing!

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 8 years ago from australia

      I love lady gaga, the clothes, the makeup, the hair, the songs. She has set so many fashion trends whether people like her or not.

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      Thanks again Citrus000. I have to focus on getting traffic.

      I had 8 hits here today, and traffic is up. So it's cool.

    • profile image

      Citrus000 8 years ago

      No, no, no, I was just kidding about the song review. Joshin ya a bit. No need to review all the other songs, I like your hub just the way it is. If people want to know what all the other songs are like they will just have to buy the CD and find out for themselves. Thanks brimancandy. Be well. :)

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      Thanks for the comment Citrus000. I thought the same thing after I did the review. Maybe I will take your suggestion and re-vamp.

    • profile image

      Citrus000 8 years ago

      I am not that familiar with Lady Ga Ga, but I am really disappointed that you only chose to review 8 out of the 22 songs! What kind of review is this....Just Kidding. :-) Good review, thanks for the info. Take care.

      P.S. I really like the little red devil horns, adds a nice touch to your hub.

    • pddm67 profile image

      pddm67 8 years ago from Queens, New York

      Cool hub. Lady Ga Ga actually reminds me alot of Madonna. Well - the Madonna of the 80's at least. Luv the Diva list. My fave - Cyndi Lauper. Rock on!

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      If you like this hub. Please comment! And be sure to visit my other hubs. I would appreaciate it very much!

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 8 years ago from Northern Michigan

      Obviously the spell check is suffering from brain freeze.

      I did a spell check of this a couple times, and there were a few words that were not spelled correctly. The Spell check did not catch them. I found another word after doing 3 edits! Only 5 words, and just letters that were the victum of a typing error, but, you would think it would catch that. Oh well.