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Ten Anime Villians

Updated on October 10, 2017

Hisui Nagare

K Project

Hisui Nagare actually died at the age of eleven when a stone pierced his heart. But then the Dresden Slate choose as the Green King and due to the power of the Dresden Slate he lived but he had no heart. He was found by Tenkei Iwafune who is the 6th and Gray King. Hisui Nagare challenged Daikaku Kokujōji the 2nd and The Gold King. He is also the strongest king. Hisui Nagare's power rivaled Daikaku Kokujōji. He was the 2nd strongest king but after Daikaku Kokujōji's death he became the strongest king. Hisui Nagare wanted to steal the Dresden Slate so he could unleash the powers of the slate to everyone. Since it was the Dresden Slate which saved his life. His belief was that if everyone had the slate's powers the no one would die. He did that in the second season of K Project but at the end he died.

Eto Yoshimura

Tokyo Ghoul

She is actually a famous writer and she goes by the name of Sen Takatsuki. No one knows that she is a ghoul in the anime. She is half human and half ghoul. She is the daughter of Yoshimura who is a ghoul and Ukina who is a human. When a ghoul and a human have a baby the baby normally dies in the womb but in some rare cases the baby survives. She was abandoned by her father after he was forced to kill his wife. So living alone she went on too kill and cannibalise many people and ghouls. She achieved Kakuja. Her father disguised as her to protect her from the ccg. After her father died she appeared and then she was defeated by an investigator named Arima. She hated the world so she wanted to make the wold a better place for ghouls which now Kaneki wants to do.



Blue Exorcist

Satan is the ruler of hell. In the Blue Exorcist it's known as Gehenna. He is the father of Rin and Yukio. He can't stay in Assiah without possessing a body and many of the bodies can't handle the heat and they burn. In the anime he met Yuri Egin and they both fell in love with each other. Yuri had a dream of humans and demons loving with each other and accepting each other. When Yuri was pregnant her father found out that she was carrying the child of Satan so he planned on burning her alive. Then Satan possessed her father and he set her free. And then he tried finding a body strong enough to contain him so he could save Yuri. But all the bodies he possessed burned. After her death he planned on making Yuri's plan reality by merging Assiah and Gehenna but Rin and Yukio stopped him.


Dragon Ball

Everyone knows Frieza and aswell as they know Goku. He was once the emperor of the universe. His strength was feared throughout the universe. He was the one who destroyed planet vegeta because he feared the Super Saiyan he heard off. He first got defeated by Goku on Namek. Then he got killed by Future Trunks who also went Super Saiyan. He also fought Beerus and he lost badly. When he fought Vegeta for the first time he beat him up so badly and after beating him up he tortured him until Goku came and saved Vegeta. There have been many fights between Goku and Frieza and although Goku won them Frieza put up a hell of a show.



Orochimaru is one of the Legendary Sannin. He was also recommended by Danzo to be The Fourth Hokage but Hiruzen chose Minato instead. He's a very skilled shinobi. He was trained by The Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. His dream is to learn all if the world's secrets. He also researched ways to be immortal. He was kicked out of the village after he gotrained caught experimenting on people for immortality. After being kicked out he joined the Akatsuki and after sometime he left that aswell. He challenged hus former teacher and then he reincarnated The First and Second Hokage to fight Hiruzen. Hiruzen managed to seal the both of them away. Hiruzen also sealed away Orochimaru's hands before he died. Orochimaru is a genius but he used it to achieve his ambition.

Hao Asakura(Zeke)

Shaman King

He is the strongest Shaman in the whole series. He's the twin brother of Yoh Asakura. He is also the current shaman king. His spirit was the The Spirit of Fire. In his first life he was named Asaha Douji. People killed his mother when he was small. He was still good he was good friends with a spirt. Then a exorcist came to fight him but he was overpowered and then Asaha came to know that the exorcist was the one who killed his mother and then he committed his first murder. After that he went all evil with power before he got killed by the Asakura clan. In his second life he was a different person. In his third life he decided to be return to his original bloodline. Yohmei Asakura found out that he was going to be born to his daughter in law. Then when he was born he was about kill him when the Spirit of Fire protected him. But he was still incomplete as he need his twin brother Yoh to complete. He needed to merge with Yoh. In the end Yoh managed to defeat Hao.


One Piece

Doflamingo was the former king of Dressrosa and also a former Warlord. He was also a former Celestial Dragon. But his father gave up their power and position as a Celestial Dragon to lead normal lives. But since people hated the world noble they got attacked in the village they went to live in. In that time his mother got killed. Then him his father and his younger brother were tortured and that's when he unlocked the Conqueror's Haki. He killed his own father. He got his own pirate crew. He also killed his own brother. He along with his crew took over Dressrosa until the Straw Hat Pirates came. Luffy then defeated Doflamingo and then Doflamingo was captured by the Marines.

Marshall D Teach(Blackbeard)

One Piece

Teach is the first pirate in the whole one piece history to have to devil fruit powers. He first was in the Whitebeard Pirates. He was strong but he didn't take up the position of a commander in that crew because he didn't want the marines attention on him. Then one day a member of the Whitebeard Pirates Thatch found a devil fruit and then teach killed him and he took the devil fruit and he ran away. Ace went looking for him to get revenge for Thatch and when they both fought each other Ace was overpowered. As the devil fruit he ate could nullify all other devil fruit powers. He then handed over ace to the marines in exchange to become a Warlord. Then he went to Impel Down he recruited some of the strongest and worst criminals in history. And the he arrived at the Marineford war and he with his crew killed Whitebeard and the he somehow obtained Whitebeard's devil fruit power making him very powerful. 2 years later he became a Yonko. I would like to see more him him I battle with the other Yonko's.

Madara Uchiha


Madara is a genius. He is the strongest shinobi. Before his fight with Hashirama he programmed the Izanagi to activate after his death as he predicted that he was going or get defeated by Hashirama. He programmed the Izanagi to change reality and bring him back to life which succeeded. Then he replaced hid body with a clone and went into hiding. During his battle with Hashirama he bit a part of Hashirama's flesh and kept it. He then stitched Hashirama's flesh into him then after years he awakened the Rinnegan. He then planned everything fromantic Nagato to Obito. Then in the war he came back to life and he became the Ten tails jinchuuriki. After his battle with everyone he turned into Kaguya. After the battle he had a change of heart.

Sousuke Aizen


Sousuke Aizen is the most overpowered villain throughout anime history. He is also got to be the best villian. He wanted to achieve power greater than shinigami. He planned out everything from Ichigo meeting Rukia to him becoming a Shinigami. He experimented Hollowfication on some of the captain and vice captain. He is also the former captain of the 5th Division and also the former ruler of Hueco Mundo. His zanpakuto abilities is very strong. He was able to defeat all the the 13 division captain's and the vaizards all by himself. He then later got pushed to his limit by Ichigo and then he got sealed away by Kisuke Urahara's seal he invented for Aizen. I think he will go down as one the strongest and coolest villian ever.

Hisui Nagare fighting the Red King

Eto Yoshimura gets defeated by Arima (Investigator)

Satan possess Yukio

Frieza tortures Vegeta

Orochimaru vs Hiruzen Sarutobi

Zeke fighting all the other Shamans

Donquixote Family takes over Dressrosa

Blackbeard obtains Whitebeard's devil fruit power

Madara comes back to life

Aizen wrecking all the captain's

© 2017 TheWriter134


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    • NBYomi profile image

      N B Yomi 

      15 months ago from Dallas, TX

      I'll come back to this when I finish Shippuden, Blue Exorcist, and... Tokyo Ghoul... And after I've watched K Project.


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