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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 10: Nightmares

Updated on March 13, 2013
The Bad Man
The Bad Man


This episode is a heart tugger. The little kid in a coma, beaten by his little league coach will have you feeling worried and concerned and maybe angry. There is an actual sense of fear and dread at what may happen with all the fears coming true. It's not heart putting fear and suspense..but still a gripping feeling. The whole plot about the boy in the coma being used to make dreams come true, seems a little farfetched and nonsensical, even for a fantasy/horror show. Geller does a good job of playing Buffy's caring, protective side with the boy. Some of the "fear" acting is a bit off and doesn't come across as genuine in the episode. Anthony Head's depiction of puzzlement and worry over being unable to read is both the most understated and the most believable portrayal of fear here. An enjoyable episode..but nothing epic. And also....this is only half way through the season and they've already had like a dozen murders at SHS, and twice that amount in assaults; the school would have been closed and put under investigation after 3. But, again, this is fantasy and the willful suspension of disbelief is in effect.

Horror: 6 Suspense: 7 Action: 5 Comedy: 5 Importance: 4 Dialog: 6 Acting: 4 Plot: 4 Humanity: 8 Overall: 6

Vamp Buffy
Vamp Buffy


Director: Bruce Seth Green

Writer: Joss Whedon

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