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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 3: Witch

Updated on February 16, 2013


So this episode introduces witchcraft into the series. Only took to episode three. And it's the first non-vamp bad guy in the series.Not sure if I'm proud or insulted, as I'm a magic user myself. Think I'm leaning towards proud. And we never really expected a WB teen show to be anywhere near realistic to the real world counterparts of it's stories. The characters however are very realistic, which is interesting considering the fantasy setting. This episode never really did anything for me. Not certain why exactly. May be because the scenario never made sense to me. Someone is killing and maiming multiple girls to get her on the cheer leading squad? Huh? I guess if one just assumes she's crazy and moves on, it isn't a big issue.If people can kill for no reason, than the can definitely kill for stupid ones. The unspoken correlation that people who practice magi c are inherently crazy, here and throughout the show, is actually a bit insulting. So the plot for this episode fails me. But the acting and dialog are still top notch. There's just nothing here that makes me feel anything. Oh no, they put Cordelia in mortal danger. *Yawn*. were are introduced to Amy, who if i remember correctly appears in a few episodes. She's whatsoever sympathetic, as a lot us have had to deal with overbearing, controlling parents. But that s still not enough to tug any heart strings. There's no new character developments, really. Other than we see a moment of strength in Giles when he deals with Amy's "Mom", and casts the disenchantment. A filler episode to be sure,but still not as bad as a lot of other show's fillers.

Comedy: 5 Importance: 1 Plot: 2 Dialog : 6 Acting: 6 Horror: 3 Suspense :3 Overall: 3


Director: Stephen Cragg

Writers:Joss Whedon, Dana Reston


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