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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 9: The Puppet Show

Updated on March 12, 2013


This episode is good, but not very important. Has a lot of laughs, and I found myself caring for the puppet/hunter, Sid. The mystery and suspense of who is really the demon is, is interesting, but not really gripping. The fact that the real demon turns out to be someone who was just vaguely in the background, as opposed to someone we ad gotten to know better. The actual demon seems like a footnote, with Sid and the actual talent show itself take main stage. The acting jobs are decent, and believable, but no stand out performances. When I first saw this show, I thought the puppet was the demon. That was the bait and switch of the show and it is a decent surprise.Princible Sncheider plays a part for the first time. I honestly a this point can't remember what happens with him..i think he just bails somewhere down the road. It's cool to see the Star Trek guy doing something. I was a little sad when Sid dies, so there was some emotion in it.

Horror: 6 Suspense: 7 Acting: 6 Plot: 7 Writing: 6 Dialog: 7 Humanity: 6 Overall: 7


Director: Ellen S. Pressman

Writer: Dean Batali, Joss Whedon

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