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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode 10 What's My Line? Part 2-Review

Updated on June 13, 2015

I like this episode. Most of the acting is good, the story and dialog is interesting and compelling, and funny. Willow and Oz's budding relationship is adorable. Xander and Cordelia's is awkward in a cute way. Spike and Dru are as ever fun and entertaining, one of the best parts of the show for a while. Dru's insanity and Spike's seeming inanity and devotion to her keep us amused, and waiting to see what crazy shenanigans they get into next. Buffy's worry and love for Angel is believable and heart tugging. The assassins that are supposed to be world renowned bad asses seem goofy and inept, but they weren't given much time to dazzle us, or progress as characters. Weren't even the main point of the episodes they were in. The concept of a second Slayer showing up is interesting, though a bit illogical, even by supernatural story standards. I want to like Kendra, but it's hard to with the horrible acting job and one dimensional characterization. I'm not sure if her actress is bad in general, or just never had time to really immerse herself into this character. I've never seen anything else starring her to compare them. And I'm still not sure what accent she was attempting to have, exactly. Still, a good, solid episode that has several important things happen in it, ie the relationships building I mentioned earlier, Dru getting her Mojo back, and us finding out more about other Watchers and potential slayers. I would say Kenrda showing up was a major event, but it's really not. She's badly written and acted, and barely makes a mark on the story before she's killed off. The only important thing she accomplishes is establishing that there are now two Slayers, which brings us to the awesome that is the rogue Slayer Faith.

Overall: 8 Importance: 8 Acting: 8 Story: 8 Drama: 7 Comedy: 7 Action: 7 Horror: 6 Dialog: 8


Directors: David Semel

Writers:Marti Noxxon, Howard Gordan

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