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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode 9: What's My Line? Part1 -Review

Updated on October 13, 2014

This episode is good. Fun, and action packed, and has a few feels with the plight of Buffy's career week. She is right, in that her being a Slayer is going to leave her very little free time to put towards a career she actually wants. Though she does seem to manage high school (a full time career for kids) and Slaying, mostly. But she wouldn't have been able to do that without help from her friends, which she may not always have in a job setting. I think she could have a career, too if she really wanted to, though maybe not any and all jobs. And this whole worry is made redundant after there are a few dozen slayers, unless managing them is a full time job. But Buffy doesn't know all that at this point in the series. The assassin group is badass and interesting. Though one wonders why someone else hadn't tried to get them to kill Buffy before this, or tried to later on. Unless all of them get killed in this story. Though the description that is given of them leads us to think it is a much larger organization. And i thought it also says that once they've been hired they don't stop sending assassins until the target is dead. But they stop after 4 die trying. I might have missed the bit of dialog that explains that. The bug guy is really creepy. Like all centuries old organizations and creatures on Buffy, I'd like to know more about their history than just what we see on one or two episodes.

The introduction of Kendra, the extra Slayer is important. I want to like the character, I do, but it's hard to really do so, when all they do with her is show the major difference between Buffy and other Slayers, and Giles and other Watchers, then she is killed off very anti-climatically. It's hard to really get into that character, though the actress who plays her does so well enough, even with a "Jamaican" accent that is worse than many comedians I've heard who were poking fun at the accent.

All in all a good, though flawed episode.

Action: 6 Drama: 7 Comedy: 7 Acting: 6 Plot: 6 Dialog: 7 Importance: 8 Feels: 6 Overall: 7

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