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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 8: I Robot...You, Jane

Updated on March 5, 2013


This episode isn't that great. It's entertaining, but there is no real big character moments or anything. The mixture of ancient arcane with modern tech is interesting, but it seems more a plot device and gimmick to have an episode about the evils of internet dating. It's amazing to watch this now and see how far technology and the internet have come in just 17 years. The actual tech increase is bigger than oh say the same amount of time from the 80s to the mid '90s...but not that much bigger. But the cultural impact of the tech is exponentially bigger. The internet and computers are an integral part of most people's daily lives. Some people now may not be able to live without them. Whereas when this show aired...a lot of people weren't on the web, and didn't know they missed anything.

There are a few key things introduced in this episode for the series. Moloch is Buffy's first actual demon adversary, barring the demon hybrid vampires. The other important thing introduced is Jenny Calendar's character, who plays a huge role in the first two seasons. She is Gile's first romantic interest, and perhaps his most important. She plays a part in the plot about Angel's curse. And she is also a positive teacher/adult in the kid's lives. Her death wasn't a big surprise when it happens, but still hurts.

There aren't any standout acting performances here, or plot or dialog ones either. There are several funny moments, but nothing memorable.

Humor: 5 Writing: 5 Dialog:4 Horror: 4 Suspense: 5 Importance: 6 Action: 5 Romance: 5 Overall: 5

Moloch | Source


Director: Stephen L. Posey

Writer: Ashley Gable, Joss Whedon


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