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Build Your Pro Karaoke DJ System | Product Review | Microphones

Updated on May 8, 2011

During my time in Iraq KJ’ing for the troops, I had a variety of different mics to work with, I am reviewing three here as the first two are low cost solutions, and the third merits consideration for its performance and durability. They can each fill a role in both a mobile or fixed Karaoke system or for home recording studios.

Karaoke by its nature gets folks using the mics that are less than professional; so they get dropped a lot, they are generally held too close to the mouth so they get spit in, and people tap and blow into them to do their unnecessary mic checks. All this stuff makes sound professionals twinge, but it’s a part of the deal when you put the mic in the hands of someone who only sings in the shower or when they’ve had a beer or two. In short don’t spend a lot of money on mics as they will all be universally abused and will have to be replaced with some regularity no matter how much you spend.

One other note, UHF technology is a little more expensive than VHF and with good reason. VHF is far more subject to interference especially in close Urban environments. It is amazing what unwanted signals you can pick up with a VHF wireless mic. Since I have readers in 63 countries UHF mics may need a license in your city/state/country of operation, (UK, Germany and others), but it will be worth it as the VHF band is even more crowded in most of the rest of the world.

VocoPro UHF5805 4-Channel Rechargeable Handheld Wireless Microphone System

This system is the best of the low cost solutions, the four mics included would rarely be used at the same time unless you have say a Choir up on the stage. The wireless aspect gives your singers room to roam and gives a bit more of a ‘Performance’ as opposed to standing at the mic stand. It also makes better photo ops than most fixed mics (exception listed next), and it’s best feature is the rechargeable batteries and stand charger. There are also UHF headset mics than can be subbed into the system if you use your rig for things like Aerobics classes etc.

A word of caution here is warranted, VocoPro makes a lot of Karaoke systems. I have not had a good experience with any of it, though the conditions I operated under may have been too much for the systems and are unusual for most of the rest of the world. They have a reputation for being ‘Low Cost’ and it is well deserved. These mics are a notable exception to VocoPros’ norm.

Below are some of the features of the UHF 5805 system.


4 individual XLR Mic Outputs and one 1/4 in. Mixed Output

Now includes rechargeable microphones and 2 chargers

Recharge four microphones simultaneously

4 Handheld mics included

Individual Volume controls for precise vocal balancing

4 Independent Field-Replaceable Modules

Interference-resistant UHF Band operation from 614 MHz - 694 MHz

Rugged 1RU metal receiver chassis

Low power consumption design for longer battery life

Includes metal case to transport receiver and four microphones

Shure 55SH Series II Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

This is one of my Favorite mics. The old school look is a karaoke favorite with both ‘performers’ and ‘stand and sing’ customers. It is a photo op waiting to happen and over time will increase your turnouts for Karaoke, which is good for your client (The Club Owner). It’s technical properties allow it to be used for outdoor podium, and mic stand applications as it is nearly impervious to wind noise, even when you have to turn up the sensitivity on your mixer.

Your ‘performers’ will croon to the mic and stand, and your power singers will love the ambiance and performance levels. It’s Old Skool casing is wrapped around a very good performance mic for studio applications as well nearly matching a powered condenser mic for clarity and compression; but at a significant cost savings, and versatility.

Shure 55SH Features

The 55SH Series II has a cardioid (unidirectional) polar pickup pattern that minimizes sound pickup from the rear of the microphone. This allows the Model 55SH Series II to be used in close proximity to loudspeakers without creating feedback problems, and it can perform under adverse acoustic conditions where omnidirectional microphones cannot.

The 55SH Series II has a low-impedance balanced out-put designed for connection to microphone inputs rated at 75 to 300 ohms. The microphone features a cartridge shock mount to reduce stand noise, an On/Off switch, and an attached, self-tensioning, 5/8" 27 thread swivel mount.

This microphone is ideal for public address or theater-stage sound systems, as well as for broadcasting, recording, and other sound applications where a stand-mounted microphone with a classic look is desirable.

Shure PG288/PG58 Dual Vocal Wireless System

This system is a tried and true favorite of mine. The mic at the heart of the system is used by countless professionals on stage, TV and even in studios. It is also a rugged system that holds up well in commercial applications. Though I had a tendency to get protective during weekly karaoke, but would bring them out for talent shows and special karaoke events. Events like USO cheerleader visits and performances on my FOB’s in Iraq. It was one the visiting professionals had a comfort level with and enhanced their experience there with the troops. When I was at Abu Ghraib I had a small recording studio set up in the rec center and the Shure 58 series (both wired and wireless) were great for my rap artists, primarily I think because you just can’t do most rap with out movement. A sponge windscreen kept the mic clean (think dust + spit = Mud in your mic), hygienic, and minimized maintenance. If I could only get one of the three on this page I would spend the money and get this one.

Shure PG288/PG58 Dual Vocal Wireless System

Reliable wireless performance

Up to 8 compatible systems (across multiple bands)

Shure's patented Predictive Diversity ensures continuous reception

Confident, portable setup

Internal Antenna

First in the industry

Internal 1/4 wave antennas minimize poor positioning and breakage

Durable construction

Superior sound quality

Variable companding ratio for clear sound

80 years of microphone expertise

PG4 Receiver
Internal Antenna Diversity

Up to 10 selectable channels

8 compatible systems (multiple bands vary per country)

1/4 in. and XLR output

PG2 Handheld Transmitter
Power, mute and battery status LED

Power and mute switch

9V battery (included) provides 8 hours of battery life

75m (250 ft.) operating range


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    • profile image

      Sserunjjogi Charles  7 years ago

      Dear sir/madam.

      Greetings from Uganda east Africa.

      How are you doing?

      I would like to purchase products for my mobile disco from your company.

      Please kindly send me the quotation prices these Models below.

      VocoPro UHF5805 4-Channel

      Rechargeable Handheld Wireless Microphone System

      I will be very happy for you respond.

      I am looking forward to hear your prompt reply very soon

      Best Regards

      Sserunjjogi Charles (managing director)

      ATLANTIC SOUNDS Mobile Disco 10067 Kampala Uganda east Africa

      Tell +256 - 414 232887

      Fax: +256 - 41 235763

      Mob: +256 - 77 2528904

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      RTE Thanks for stoping by, I had some Nady's over in Iraq but outdoors I had significant interference problems though I will look into the DKW-1 for I am the last guy to mess with success. As for the Shures always a good hookup, Much thanks my friend..

    • readytoescape profile image

      readytoescape 8 years ago from Central Florida


      Good review, For my personal mic I use the Shure 58 Beta A which is perfect for hosting, provides clean clear Speaking signal as well as superior vocals. For my singers, when I supply Karaoke services, I use the Nady DKW-1 wireless. These units are nice in that with a hardened rubberized casing they are almost indestructable and they provide a really fine quality audio signal for easy "modification" through the head. Another nice feature is in my outdoor performances they have a full signal range of 250 feet. The only darwback in my opinion is they are not rechargable. The one thing I like in the VocoPro unit you reviewed, but I share your opinion about their products, great for individual use, a little lackluster in heavy use.

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Gus- you mean to say you don't want to hear me do Garth Brooks after 6 Beers(with my shot of Cuervo Gold)?

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 8 years ago from USA

      Big John - It may be a good thing that Hubpages does not feature sound.


    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      CM- It is a great mic and I have one in my home studio as well. Just goes to show Great Minds think alike eh? Thanks for stopping by!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I've got an old Shure model 55 - it's a terrific mike, and it was fun seeing it listed on your best of list!!