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Bunheads -- Michelle and the Coffee Guy

Updated on August 15, 2012

The Bra Code

I was getting a Seinfeld flashback when Michelle was lined up trying to get a cup of coffee and was told everyone brings a book to read because the guy thinks he's some kind of coffee guru and he will only give you the coffee he thinks is right for you. I was just waiting him to say like the soup guy did in Seinfeld, "No coffee for you." He actually did in a manner of speaking after Michelle ruined his coffee mojo.

Michelle brags to the coffee guy that since a new supermarket is set to open he can go stick his coffee where the sun don't shine, basically. Unfortunately, she then learns that the supermarket has been blocked for opening. I thought it was the coffee guy's doing, but the committee trying to stop it actually has valid reasons for blocking it. In short, "No coffee for you."

Meanwhile, Fanny is making her dance students lives miserable because she can't find another Sasha to dance the Nutcracker for her. Michelle suggests to Fanny that she go and apologize to Sasha, only that's not going to happen. She also goes to Sasha trying to get her to go to Fanny and apologize and urges her not to quit ballet.

Sasha acts in front of the other Bunheads like she just loves being a cheerleader, but Sasha runs afoul of the head cheerleader because she kicks too high. Sasha also gives some preachy speech that they shouldn't cheer the boys when they don't do anything to deserve it. In short, Sasha and the cheerleading squad is not a good mix.

Michelle is also trying to contact her old friend, Richard. They made a pact that the person that made it first would help the other. Seems Richard doesn't want to keep that deal is he's avoiding Michelle's calls and not returning them. While Michelle may be striking out with Richard, she gets a new admirer in the form of Goudeau, Rico's son. She tries to give him the brush-off, but at the end of the episode she finds a new coffee maker on her doorstep and one could assume it's a gift from Goudeau.

Boo has realized she likes Carl, but thanks to the way Ginny and Melanie treated him, he's cool towards her. She finally gets up the nerve to tell him how she feels and they kiss. Unfortunately, Ginny and Melanie ruin it again for Boo. And Boo makes thinks even worse. Ginny reveals she wants to date Charlie and Boo has a cow about it saying she's interested in Charlie. Not the right thing to say in front of your potential new boyfriend. No surprise that when Boo turns around Carl has taken a hike.

Earlier, Melanie enacted the Bra Code, which I think is supposed to be the Girl Code, when Ginny confessed to Melanie that she's got a thing for Charlie. Ginny was acting all weird and uncomfortable around Charlie until she finally burst from the tension and told Melanie she was interested in Charlie. Melanie, however, call Bra Code and said since Boo expressed an interest in Charlie, first, that Charlie belongs to Boo. When Melanie and Ginny saw Boo kissing Carl Ginny hoped that gave her a loophole but Melanie said it didn't change anything. Charlie is off-limits to Ginny.

In the pilot, Melanie seemed to only kind a blah Bunhead, but since then Ginny's character has kind of gone downhill. Now Sasha and Boo are the two most interesting girls. In a way they're like the White Swan and the Black Swan.

I was surprised this was the episode before they go into the finale. It was kind of uneventful. Can imagine what the finale could be about.


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