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Burn Notice Pemieres Thursday, June 23 at 8pm EST

Updated on March 25, 2016

Burn Notice

In Florida the television series Burn Notice has been an inside joke for many many years. It is a comedy made out of a tragedy with a bit of McGywer and lots of eye candy. The show also has a web site I have checked out which is simplistic but fun. For everyone in Florida the idea of a spy being burned and put in Miami is absolutely hilarious. And a tragic spy who wants to go back to covert operations and DC is even a more hysterical plot twist.

I just can't imagine how all the cast gets through the schemes without busting out laughing. The cast is filled with exceptional actors. The lead actor being Jeffrey Donovan. And he carries this role well. The entire cast is talented. The scripts have their high points and low points. I have often been amused by them. In every sense of the word Maxwell Smart is back but in Florida with his Mom which is a great comedy. And while other shows like Covert Operations don't seem to be able to deal with the fact that if you are a spy show you are suppose to be funny, Burn Notice has this locked with its' title.

Burn Notice 2011

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Watching the Premiere

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June 23rd Thursday 8 pm EST

I wil be watching the premiere on June 23rd (Thurdays nights) at 8pm. 


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