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Doctor Who Complete 3rd Series With David Tennant

Updated on March 5, 2024
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L.M.Reid is an Irish writer who has published many articles. She is an expert on all things Doctor Who

The Doctor Who TV Show with David Tennant
The Doctor Who TV Show with David Tennant | Source

David Tennant in the Doctor Who TV Show

David Tennant played The Doctor in the Doctor Who TV Show for the third series. I have given a review of the episodes you can see on the Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Third Series. Doctor Who is a science fiction television series that was first broadcast in 1963 by the BBC in Britain. The first actor to play The Doctor was William Hartnell.

The Time Lords of Gallifrey

Synopsis of the first and second series when re launched in 2005. The ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston had survived the Time War between his planet Gallifrey and the Daleks. His family and all other Time Lords were killed.

Companions of The Doctor

He came to earth and Rose Tyler a teenager from a housing estate in London became his companion and joined him on his adventures. She managed to bring back his love of life and after many exciting adventures and encounters with aliens the Daleks again threatened Earth.

Rose saved the Doctor from the Daleks but in doing so she was about to die. The Doctor in turn saved her but this meant that his human body would die too. Because he is a Time Lord he was able to regenerate into a new human body. He became the Tenth Doctor and was played by David Tennant. At first Rose wanted her Doctor back because she couldn’t get used to his new body.

He still had his memories of all his previous nine regenerations. Eventually Rose realised he was still The Doctor that she knew and loved and they went back into the TARDIS and continued their adventures. But the Cybermen and the Daleks attacked earth and Rose, her mother and Mickey got trapped in the alternative universe. Rose and The Doctor who had fallen in love with each other by now, were separated for ever. Even The Doctor as a Time Lord could not get Rose back.

Episode Guide

I have written a review of every episode of the 14 made of series three on six discs in this Doctor Who DVD Box Set

The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride is the Christmas Special and has David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble the Bride. This is how we meet the Doctor still played by David Tennant again. He has just lost Rose and is devastated.

Doctor Who Companion

Then A woman called Donna is transported on to the TARDIS just as she is about to be married. They end up back on earth on Christmas Eve. The mother of an alien race is awakening her thousands of babies so that they can feed on the people of earth.

The Doctor manages to kill them but nearly kills himself too because he is still devastated by the loss of Rose and doesn’t much care whether he lives or dies. It is only because Donna shakes him out if it that he survives. The Doctor asks her to join him but she refuses as the whole experience was terrifying for her.

She does tell the Doctor that he needs someone to travel with in order to stop him from being so destructive. He says he does not need anyone and is alright, which he clearly is not. Donna will join The Doctor as his companion the following year for season 4

Episode 1. Smith and Jones

David Tennant as The Doctor and Freema Agyeman as his Companion Martha Jones. The Doctor notices some strange goings on at St. Thomas' Hospital in London. Martha Jones is studying to be a Doctor and in her last year there as a medical student.

She meets the Doctor as a patient and then as the hospital is transported to the Moon by the Jadoon. The Doctor is impressed with her common sense and bravery. When they get back to earth after sorting out the aliens the Doctor asks Martha does she want a trip on the TARDIS, she is delighted and says yes.

Episode 2. The Shakespeare Code

The Doctor brings Martha back in time to meet William Shakespeare. Things don’t go too well when alien witches turn up but they manage to sort it out and get back to the TARDIS

Episode 3. Gridlock

Martha wants another trip and the Doctor quite enjoyed her company so agrees to bring her to the future this time. They end up in New York way in the future. Martha gets kidnapped and the Doctor spends time in space cars trying to reach her.

The cars are trapped in a traffic jam and have been for twelve years. The characters in each space car are very interesting too. Eventually the Doctor fixes the traffic jam and all is well. He meets his great friend The Face of Boe again. Before he dies he tells the Doctor that he is not alone but the Doctor does not believe him because he is convinced that he is the Last of the Time Lords.

Episodes 4 and 5. Daleks In Manhattan and Evolution Of The Daleks

Again The Doctor agrees to just one more trip for Martha and they travel to 1930s New York. It is during the depression and the Empire State Building is still being built. Workers are disappearing but no one seems to care.

The Daleks are responsible and The Doctor needs a lot of help to defeat them once again. The Doctor notices that Martha is falling in love with him and decides he must bring her back to earth because he is still in love with Rose

Episode 6. The Lazarus Experiment

Martha is excited when they arrive at their next destination in the TARDIS. When she asks the Doctor where they are he tells her to open the door of the TARDIS and have a look. She is very disappointed when she sees she is back in the living room of her flat. He explains it was only meant to be for one trip.

As they are talking she gets a phone call from her sister to look at the news. They do and see her sister and a scientist explaining that he is about to announce a new experiment. The Doctor says his goodbyes to Martha and leaves in the TARDIS. He returns immediately when he realises what the news report said. They manage to kill the monstrous result of the experiment. We meet the family of Martha again.

The Doctor offers Martha another final trip in the TARDIS but she refuses saying she is being treated badly by him. She wants to travel as his companion all the time and not just when he feels like it. The Doctor realises she is correct and agrees.

Episode 7. 42

They arrive on a spaceship that is in trouble. They have 42 minutes to fix the problem. Martha gets trapped in a capsule that is being dragged into the sun and the Doctor has to save her and the rest of the crew. He manages it by nearly killing himself.

Episodes 8 and 9. Human Nature and The Family Of Blood

We see the Doctor as John Smith, a teacher in England in 1913 at a boy’s boarding school. He has no memory of being a Time Lord. Martha is also there as a maid in the school but she is aware of who she and the Doctor are.

We find out that The Doctor used a Gallifrey watch which turns him into a human being. The watch contains his Time Lord self and he only has to open it and it will make him aware of who he is. He is hiding from aliens who want to take his energy from him. He is capable of defeating them but does not want to kill hem. They will die naturally with three months without his energy so that is why he hides as a human.

He knows the dangers of turning himself human and asks Martha not to let him forget that he is a Time Lord. She only has to open the watch in front of him. These two episodes are very emotional for all the characters because the Doctor as Mr Smith falls in love with Joan, a nurse in the school, He is having dreams about the TARDIS and his life as a Time Lord and believes they are only dreams. He writes these down in a book he has called The diary of impossible things.

The monsters find him and Martha has to get John Smith to turn back into The Doctor. At first he believes her to be mad but then when he has doubts he does not want to because he sees his future with Joan and his three children. Joan as well persuades him to turn back into the Doctor because he is the only one who can save earth, even though she too loves him.

The monsters are defeated. When the Doctor returns and asks Joan to come with him she says no. She asks him would he be able to turn back into a human and stay with her. He says he would but that he will not. She tells him she does not like him as The Doctor because it was his fault that some of the villagers were killed. The Doctor leaves her and he is heartbroken as he returns to the TARDIS and Martha.

Episode 10. Blink

The Doctor and Martha are trapped in 1969 without the TARDIS. A young woman, Sally goes to an abandoned house because of strange goings on there. She gets frightened when she sees a message written on the wall specifically for her from The Doctor that tells her to get out of the house. She notices that the statues of angels keep changing into different places and runs to her friends flat.

She returns the next day to the house with her friend for support. Within a few minutes her friend has disappeared. Before she has time to panic though she gets a visitor who explains he is her friend’s grandson and gives her a letter and photos. Her friend too has been transported back in time. With the help of The Doctor in 1969 and her friend’s brother they manage to defeat the Weeping Angels and rescue Martha and The Doctor from the past.

David Tennant  as The Doctor
David Tennant as The Doctor | Source
David Tennant and Matt Smith
David Tennant and Matt Smith | Source

Episode 11. Utopia

The Doctor and Martha are in the TARDIS when it goes out of control and end up at the end of the universe. Captain Jack has been waiting over a hundred years to meet the Doctor again and it is his fault because he grabbed the TARDIS as it was about to leave.

We see what it is like for the human Race trillions of years in the future. We are introduced to the likable Professor Yana. As The Doctor, Martha, Captain Jack and The Professor save the last of the humans there is a terrible disclosure. Martha recognises the watch that can only belong to a Time Lord that the Professor has had since he was found on earth at the age of eight.

She runs to get the Doctor but she has alerted the Professor who only now opens the watch. He turns into a Time Lord and tries to kill the Doctor and the others. He gets shot but manages to steal the TARDIS and regenerate. He is in fact The Master and an evil Time Lord. The Doctor, Martha and Jack manages to escape back to earth using Captains Jacks Time Band.

Episode 12 The Sound Of Drums

The Doctor and his companions arrive back on earth and realise that Harold Saxon the Prime Minister of Britain, is in fact The Master. He has brain washed the whole country and is now in a position to take over the Earth. He used the TARDIS to go back in time eighteen months to achieve this.

The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack try to stop the Master but he captures them. The Master has also captured Martha’s Mother, father and sister. They are held on the spaceship that the Master has orbiting the earth. As he orders ten per cent of all humans to be killed Martha escapes with the help of Captain Jack’s Time Bracelet.

Episode 13. Last Of The Time Lords

A full year has passed at the beginning of this episode and the Doctor and Captain Jack are still prisoners on the ship as are Martha’s family. We learn she has spent the year carrying out the Doctors orders so she can bring down The Master. He has conquered the earth and now plans to start on the rest of the universe.

Martha Jones succeeds in her mission and saves the world. But the Master is shot by his wife and refuses to regenerate so he dies. He does not want to become a prisoner of The Doctor. Captain Jack returns to Torchwood.

Martha tells the Doctor she wants to stay with here family because they are too traumatized by their experience. She also tells The Doctor that she loves him and knows that he does not love her so she has to leave him and The TARDIS as it is too hard for her to be around him.

Special Clip for Charity -Time Crash

This is a short seven minute episode that was made for the British Children in Need TV charity. It has the Tenth Doctor meet one of his other incarnations when he was the seventh Doctor. It really is a very funny sketch.

The Master in Doctor Who
The Master in Doctor Who | Source

Doctor Who Third Series Extras

I was so glad I bought this because included are a lot of extras that are also amazing. They are:

David Tennant's Video Diaries

David Tennant always makes his video diaries very interesting as he spends the nine months making the series. You get to know David Tennant as the actor and also see John Barrowman and Freema Agyeman as they mess around the set. David also visits the caravan on set of John Barrowman and we meet his two dogs.

Doctor Who Confidential

The Doctor Who Confidential team spends each episode taping the actors as they make the series. They also explain how the marvelous special effects are done on the Doctor Who series. All the Doctor Who Confidential episodes are included with this Doctor Who Complete Series Three box set.

Freema's Tour

Freema Agyeman brings us on a tour of the Doctor Who studio and interviews a lot of people who make the series from behind the scenes.

Deleted Scenes

The Deleted scenes are always good to watch. The series has to be an exact length for the BBC TV schedule. This means a lot of cutting and trimming of some Doctor Who scenes. They are all here on this Doctor Who Box Set.


The outtakes of the third series are also included in the Doctor Who Box Set. As you can imagine they are hilarious especially with John Barrowman involved as Captain Jack.

To all those Doctor Who fans who are thinking of buying the Doctor Who DVD Box Set: The Complete Third Series I hope this comprehensive review above has been helpful and enjoyable to you.


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