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Twilight Movie and Books

Updated on June 19, 2013

Twilight Movie

The Twilight trilogy of books and movies have been all the rage for about two years or so now. I teach at a local junior high school and I remember seeing so many of my students reading the first book. I didn't know what all the fuss was about and was not interested in any of it. Sure, I was just being a grumpy old man I guess. Well, a couple years later now I was recently mad at my wife for not wanting me to go see the third movie coming out with her and her friends tomorrow night. My, how things have changed. I ended up watching the first Twilight movie on DVD one night with her. I didn't really want to but relented. It was interesting so I again watched the second one with her on DVD. Okay, I am hooked and want to see how it all turns out in the third and final movie. It's nice to be aware of all the characters be knowledgeable about it when people talk about this movie. If you want to buy any of the things related to this movie that are featured here on this page, you can click on through from here to Amazon and you can rest assured that all normal purchase procedures, security and policies will still be in place with Amazon as normal. I'll just make a small commission on your purchases for referring you. You will NOT pay anymore to Amazon because of this.

Twilight Soundtrack

If you are looking for a Twilight movie soundtrack or some Twilight movie music there are a number of choices listed to the right here. I did not pay real close attention to the music fron the movies but as I remember, most of it was kind of slow and thought provoking kind of stuff, It was relaxing and daydreaming type of music. Maybe you could slip your Twilight CD into your car CD player on your way to see "The Eclipse" or perhaps just chill out and day dream in your stereo in your room. Mom and dad could sure score a hit with their teen age kids with a Twilight CD as a gift. Of course, teen kids could give the movie soundtrack as a gift to friends and be sure that it would be a good gift.


Twilight Books in Paperback and Hardback

All Twilight fans will want to read the books as well and you can get them here on the right hand side. I know that people often find that details from the books can be different from the screen plays. Perhaps, the screen play adaptation may leave people disappointed sometimes with different movies they have seen. I know that the original book in this saga was very popular among the young people at my junior high school where I work. Take a look here at the different sets of Twilight books offered. For many of you fans, what were some of the biggest differences in the books that were not the same in the movies? Please comment on this down below in the comment section of this article. It will be interesting to see what was different in the books as compared to the movie screenplays.

Twilight Poll

Really the only question there was for this movie series....Are you...?

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Twilight Comedy Spoof written by my brother.

I thought it would be fun to add the YouTube video that was actually written by my very own brother. He is an attorney an aspiring screen writer. He has won a number of national screen writing contests and he is to be flown out to Los Angeles in the coming weeks for a recent contest that he won. The video spoof below was produced by some talented people that he met somehow. I am not sure about that but anyway, it's funny. I hope you like it.

Twilight Comedy Spoof

Twilight Related Jewelry and Gifts

There's all kinds of cool Twilight jewelry available too. Twilight is big business so you know if there is money to be made off of it then someone's going to figure out a way to do it. You can get a bracelet with the Cullen crest. If you really want to go all out, then try the official Cullen family set with all kinds of nice pieces to it. There's lots of things to choose from depending on your price range and budget. I am sure these things would be nice gifts for any young ladies or even adults that are fans of the epic saga that has so captured the world by storm in the last several years. I even saw a photo while I was working in this article of a middle aged woman that had Twilight characters tattooed all over her body. I mean, geez, who does that sort of thing. The intensity of these fans borders on insane at times as you can probably tell.

Twilight Movie in Louisiana

Louisiana has a some interesting connections to the Twilight saga. First, there is a local writer for our newspaper in Baton Rouge and his name is Ed Cullen. That's right. Could you imagine if that was your real name? Anyway, he wrote a piece a month or two ago that caught my eye. It was a humorous article about how he gets funny reactions from women and young ladies when they swipe his debit card or credit card and see that this older man is Edward Cullen. It was funny to read of his stories about this and you can imagine that it would be a real topic of conversation or ice breaker with strangers. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Edward Cullen is alive and well. He's an over 50 year old newspaper writer in Louisiana.

While trying to find the article written by Mr. Cullen on the local paper's website,which I didn't find, I came across a very interesting article that was an original report out of California. It said that the next two Twilight movies will be filmed in Louisiana. First of all, I only found out in the last couple of days that there were even more of these movies on the way. I had thought that this one was the last. Silly me, this is big business and lots of money to be made off it. The public is loving it and the third movie is setting box office records. Why stop the money train now? Anyway, Louisiana has its share of troubles but one of the bright spots is our film industry. There are lots of movies filmed in our state and we have tax laws and credits that are set up to encourage movie companies to film here in Louisiana. That will no doubt be very exciting for the people of Louisiana in the coming years. With hurricanes, oil spills, hey, this state needs a break.

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