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Buying Cool Audio Headphones | Stylish Music Earphones

Updated on June 5, 2010

With the invent of portable music players from the venerable walkman to modern mp3 and mp4 players, the focus has been very much on the design of the player itself. Greatly overlooked is look of the headphones that delivered the audio in all it's glory.

All this changed with the ipod revolution. Along with the ipod came these very noticable white earphones, and it soon the white earphones became associated with the ipod. In fact, Apple ran a series of commercials where the white earphones were highlighted as a symbol of the ipod generation. Looking back, all this makes great sense as normally, the headphone is the most visible part of the player when in use as the player is often kept in a bag while say, on the train.

Hence, a pair of cool headphones would not only deliver great sound quality and performance, but has also become a fashion and style accessory. Get one today to reflect your lifestyle!

The Ipod Headphone

The Ipod revolution started half by design, and half by accident. People started to take note of that pair of white earphones that the lady on the train was using, the guy along the junction was having, and they started to wonder. All along, headphones were a dull black, and by accident as Apple wanted the headphones to be the same color as their player which was white, people started to sit up and take notice.

This headphone is compatible with all Apple iPods and digital players that work with a 3.5-millimeter mini-jack and are designed for comfort. Like all Apple products, it has a sleek design and delivers crystal clear sound quality and bass response wherever you are using it, may it be at the gym, on the go or at work. Compact and ultra-portable, these earbud-style headphones fit easily in your pocket or bag so you can grab them and go.

Sony h.ear Headphones

From the makers of great electronic products comes this line of earphones that loops around your ear - the h.ear line. These lighweight headphones feature comfortable, vertical, clip-on fit that follows the contours of the ears. This creates a stable and non-slip design built to withstand the rigours of sports like dance or ranning.

The ear cups are an open-air design that lets the user hear ambient sound, this ability to hear outside noises is a safety issues as much as a quality of sound issue. With these headphones, you can keep track of car horns, passing bicyclists and barking dogs. Exercise in style!

Lady Gaga Heartbeats Headphones

Coming from a fashionista, Lady Gaga launched an unorthodox looking headphone in 2009 that is totally wild and unconventional. "Heartbeats by Lady Gaga" are engineered to deliver all the music the artist intended you to hear, with incredible sonic clarity, pounding bass, and all the power demanded by today's music. Dance to her beat, and look the part too!

Beats by Dr Dre Tour

Beats Tour delivers sound so big; you would think you had speakers in your ears. Newly developed in-ear speaker technologies reproduce clear natural vocals, detailed highs, and deep powerful bass without distortion. Wired with high-performance Monster Cable, Beats Tour delivers sound performance never before achieved in any earphone. Beats Tour also features the world's first tangle-free earphone cable. Cool.

Sennheiser Earphones

Sennheiser is the maker of premium audio products. Their range of headphones often pay attention to detail, especially along moving joints. The MX 65 VC Street II earphones features an innovative Twist-to-fit system to offer a snug and comfortable fit.

Other ranges include noise isolating headphones which deliever crystal clear audio.


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