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Prince Caspian to Mob guy, "By the Gun".

Updated on January 4, 2015

By the Gun

Not a bad film.

As I sat and watched this film thinking that Ben Barnes who played Prince Caspian from the Narnia films, at first I was like Prince Caspian the young man swinging swords and fighting with honor had to go through a little bit of a transformation.

Of course I think I was excited to see the film.

It filmed in area's where I lived around and of course in the North End of Boston and other places and thinking it just all looks familiar so let's see how Ben Barnes does as a Bostonian.

Usually when I hear someone does a Boston Accent, an actor has this little lisp that doesn't come off as "Bostonian" but when I was hearing Ben talking like where I come from I was little bit impressed cause I was thinking he was doing a good job and I swear I thought he was from Boston in this role.

I was trying so very hard not to think of Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian and well as the film went on, I could see his transformation as a guy turning into a "made" man in the mafia.

Believe me I seen all the mob films over and over again.

I think people are going to be really harsh on this film and think oh not another mob film, he ain't Deniro or Pacino, and guess what?

Yes it is another mob film and no Ben Barnes is not Robert DeNiro nor Al Pacino but he is Ben Barnes and he transformed himself from a sci-fi fantasy character to "mob" guy and transition with a Boston Accent quite nicely.

Yes coming from Boston, I can tell you, he pulled the perfect kind of guy around the way, and believe me, when I say I come from Boston I don't mean the suburbs I mean the actually cities itself, so I was impressed with Ben Barnes pulling this role off.

Now, you got to understand, people are going to think the creator of the film came out of Hollywood and it's a "Hollywood" film but guess what?

The film itself was written by someone who is originally from Massachusetts himself, Emilio Mauro. I think Emilio might be living in California now.

I think Emilio did a good job in writing the story because once again like I said coming from Boston the characters are realistic enough to think the guys in the film were really from Boston that weren't, so I do applaud his writing because I kept going yep, yep, yep through the whole story.

It is so early right now and having a little bit of a brain fart as I write this without any coffee and trying to remember who else I seen in the film.

I saw for a brief second Billy V Vigeant who was part of the mob guy scene and I have to look up the names to see who else.

I think I was feeling the relationship between Slaine and Ben Barnes who were friends and suppose to have each others back but when dealing with the mob, I was waiting to see if what would go down between the two but I don't want to give the plot away.

Slaine is also a rapper from Boston and I think from watching a video he did as a guy wielding a chain saw and being crazy, I think the role he played as Ben Barnes friend in the film was suiting because Slaine, who played George kept telling Ben Barnes character "Nick" to get out from kissing people's behind and be his own men.

Now I got to admit I do have a favorite and there is one person who I do kind of look up to and that is one of my film brother Jay Giannone, who is from South Boston.

Now I am going to state straight out, I am not a movie critic and I never claim to be, I am just writing a little bit about the film, and I know people might come at me and say, "Oh shelly your just going to give Jay all this props cause you like him and you know him".

Ok maybe that is so, but I am very happy to see him to get more and more roles because the man deserves it.

I think I have mentioned before that when Jay does his roles, he freaking scares me.

No, he plays a great bad guy and there is a part where his character names Joe first comes on in the film and one of the head guys talks about Joe. There was the one part in the film, (once again it is very early, no coffee in my hand and having a brain fart) where a head guy turns towards Jay, who I think just got done snorting a line of coke when a head guy and turns, I forget the exact line (having a brain fart right now) but basically he said that Jay name is Joe and he doesn't speak much but has these crazy eyes and the screen shot of Jay's eyes where funny. You got to see it, it is a little funny with that screen shot.

When I see Joe played by Jay causing a little bit of trouble in the film his role it scares me, because he is playing a mob guy and I am like no, no, no, that ain't Jay, but these are the roles Jay does and he does them well.

Jay plays these roles quite well indeed and I got to give him props for the hard work he put into his role.

Overall, I could sit and talk about the whole plot but you got to enjoy Harvey Kietel, and he could just stand there without saying a word and you would just want to run the other way.

You just don't want to really mess with Harvey Kietel.

I enjoy Toby Jones character "Jerry" in the film and he kind of stood out to me in the film and I am going to look to see where I have seen him before. He does a great job with his character.

I am trying to think where I know Toby Jones from and as I speak I am looking up his page on Imdb and I am thinking I know, I know Toby from something and seeing I think I seen him in Harry Potter.

I can't help myself, it is the geek/nerd girl inside of me because I'm bringing up Prince Caspian and Harry Potter so for me I think transformation from these actors from sci-fi/fantasy to a mob film is twist for them, so I'm enjoying seeing what they don't look like in the real world, well maybe not in the real "real" world per say, I mean in the film world.

But I can't help to see once again about a man I consider a film brother and that is Jay Giannone and I am always so happy to see him films more and more. I enjoy his work and he inspires me so much.

Yes once again Jay scares me with his film roles. I know, I know it's acting. But when Jay gets those crazy eyes going with his characters and he is swearing up a storm in a film, I know he is doing a great job at acting.

Over all it was a decent film, once again I am no movie critic but am enjoying films I get to see someone who I look up to in films and enjoying Jay doing his thing.


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