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The Flash

Updated on March 2, 2014

CW has seemingly hit gold on their hit television series, Arrow, and due to it's success they are going to try their hand with the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash. In order to introduce the character within the same universe as Oliver Queen they had Barry Allen appear on Arrow for a few episodes this season. On the mid-season finale we saw the traditional origin story of how Barry Allen became The Flash with some moderation to the tale but largely it remained the same. The original plan was to have a backdoor pilot towards the end of Arrow's second season, but due to the fan's reaction and praise of Grant Gustin's portrayal it looks as if the show will be picked up for a green light (or red light?) any minute now. After seeing the promotional picture of Gustin in the traditional suit it does plenty to build up the anticipation of the show. However, am I the only one that thinks he looks a bit like Chris Pine in the suit? Maybe that is just because I think he'd make a great Flash on the big screen. Oh well.

The CW has done a good job of rounding out the cast around Gustin as they have hired Rick Cosnett to play Eddie Thawne, who many Flash fans will know becomes Professor Zoom or better yet, Reverse Flash. Thawne is the arch-nemesis to The Flash and due to what the writers on Arrow have done with the Merlyn plot, I would not be surprised if we see Barry and Thawne slowly over the course of the show to become friends but ultimately Thawne has a darkness to himself that makes Barry weary. Danielle Panabaker also has joined the cast as Caitlin Snow, who again comic book fans would know her as Killer Frost. It is nice to see that the cast is being rounded out with some strong villains. Tom Cavanaugh is also on as Harrison Wells who is supposed to be a hot-shot scientist who is blamed for the accident at STAR Labs with the particle accelerator.

As for the clear good guys we have Jesse L. Martin joining the cast as Barry's step-father Detective West. He will most definitely bring a strong presence to the show as he has plenty of pedigree to his acting resume having been a part of Law and Order as well as being on a few motion pictures. The role of Iris West has also been cast and the actress that will be playing that part will be Candice Patton. It is unknown at this time what these characters will exactly be, but it is safe to say that they will be the heart and moral compass of Barry as he continues to look for the true culprit of his mother's death.


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