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Café of Wonder

Updated on February 23, 2015

Dancing at the cafe - Bande a Part (AKA Band of Outsiders)

"The classic dancing scene from Jean-Luc Goddard's crime comedy Bande a Part. It so impressed Quentin Tarantino that he named his movie production company, "A Band Apart", after the film and referenced it in Pulp Fiction. Goddard later said that he would much rather Tarantino had just given him a lot of money instead. Bande a Part was released in the US as Band of Outsiders."

I always wanted to have my own café, a slightly smoky, cozy place of mismatched furniture and endless journaling in the echos of Puccini and Verdi.

The expresso machine would punctuate the self expression of poets on a tiny stage, the steam rising like the thoughts that synthesize across the tables, the foam, like the enlightment displayed.

In my boho clothes, i would precide, in spirit, incognito in this proprietorship, just knowing that my pennies and quarters brought this tableau to life. Just the other day, I wrote in my blog, "All Around Me Too", a perfect moment, one I just imagined, but know could be truth.

There is an exuberance to her that has me very intrigued, recalling time spent in cafés putting down important thoughts in well chosen notebooks, looking through the foggy window at rainy New York streets in between trance states.

Suddenly, an image transforms into a metaphor, grows into a poem, and the time wasted becomes not so. Perhaps scribbles in a composition notebook, perhaps fingers caressing the keys, the cappuccino grows cold, the cinnamon forms murky stalactites, the bebop disappears, a glass half full evaporates into night.

Café Kitties


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    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      Beautiful Beatriz Alexandra, I would love for us to have a café together where we could drink cappuccino, read good books and listen to Mozart all day long. I love you, c.

    • profile image

      Beatriz Alexandra 10 years ago

      I enjoyed your page tremendously, very interesting and fascinating. I would love to go to a cafe like that...

      Keep up the good work!!

      Beatriz A.