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Can There Be Another Dumbledore Sibling: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Updated on November 19, 2018
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A self described Potterhead, Jennifer Branton still rereads her Harry Potter books once a year, and spends too much on collectibles.

Fantastic Scandal And Where To Find It

How come none of this made old Bathilda Bagshot's book?

Moving into the second installment of The Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them spin off series of the Harry Potter legacy, the tales that author J.K. Rowling decided to take to screen rather than paper are a much darker prequel of the times before a young Voldemort had taken power and focus on the second most powerful dark wizard of all time.

In The Crimes of Grindlewald, we see the return of many of the main characters and even the beginning of the story for some new characters such as Naginni. But without giving too much spoiler to the movie where we hoped to see more of the conflicted backstory of the relationship between Gellert Grindlewald and Albus Dumbledore that caused the friends, maybe boyfriends, as it is hinted; to end up on opposite sides of the most famous duel of Wizarding history, to declare Dumbledore the most powerful wizard in the world.

Many new plots come about in the movie such as the return of Obsurical, Credence who was presumed to have been dead after the first movie.

A new identity for the orphan is explored which opens a lot of questions about the universe that Rowling is always forthcoming to talk about, be it tweets or Pottermore after the ending of Harry Potter.

If there is truth, than this better pan out as Rowling has her characters so developed any conflict could spell disaster for the Potterverse.


Credence was a young orphan in the first movie, a call back to the first time we see a young Tom Riddle, long before he become Voldemort, in similar circumstances living around other orphans that are terrified of him due to violent outbursts from his powers that he is fighting to hold back. Explained to be an Obscurial, Credence must either learn to tap into his powers or the explosion of them will be enough to kill him and all those around him.

The Dumbledore's Of Godric's Hollow

Written about after his death in the Life And Lies Of Albus Dumbledore, long time family friend and Godric's Hollow resident had a lot to say about the Dumbledore family after their time.

Their father had been in the wizard prison Azakan after attacking some Muggle boys that had tormented his youngest, and only daughter Arianna. The attack had left the already frail and sickly girl unable to control and she would have angry outbursts, one of which eventually killed her mother, Kendra who was too close when Arianna had made something explode.

Aberforth, the middle child had great resentment of his older brother, Albus for his plans for grandeur and adventure with Gellert Grindlewald as a young boy as it would leave the younger Dumbledore's alone.

Aberforth never forgave Albus for trying to run out his responsibility to the family and as Albus eventually changed for the better and went on to be one of the greatest advocates for Muggle born students, Aberforth had never forgiven him for the battle that had taken place between the brothers and Grindlewald.

Arianna, upset by all the shouting had walked in the middle of the group and somehow with her powers or perhaps a stray wand projectile of one of the boys, no one knows for sure, but at the end Arianna lay dead and they had no one to blame but themselves.

History eventually forgot about Arianna until the book released after the death of Albus, but The Crimes of Grindlewald alleges a connection between the Dumbledore family and the real identity of Credence.

From the descriptions of Arianna from Bathilda Bagshot, she sounded much like Credence in her condition leading many fans to believe that perhaps Arianna was the first mentioned Obscurial in the Harry Potter series.

Aurelius Dumbledore

Credence is identified as a new character, Aurelius Dumbledore, and fans are left grasping at straws to what this could mean after there is a reference to him as a brother.

Could there have been another child either born when the husband was in prison and hidden away somewhere? Was this a child adopted into the family?

How could those closest to the Dumbledore's not known of the existence? And did the Dumbledore children even know of Aurelius?

These movies now taking place in the 1930's-1940's, is it possible that given the known ages of Albus and Aberforth and the age Arianna died, which the movie sets at about fourteen, that their mother or father was still alive at the time that Aurelius would have been born?

Given that Albus is now teaching at Hogwarts in the second movie, it seems doubtful that he would have another sibling about twenty years younger that would have fit in the timeline when Arianna was still alive.

Perhaps brother is too literal and it doesn't mean exactly what we are thinking in reference to the Dumbledore kids. Maybe it is talking about Arianna's parasite.


As seen in Fantastic Beasts, the Obscura is a parasite that binds itself to its host and slowly takes over them eventually causing the death of the host. There are very few Obscurials in the world, maybe only two that have ever been mentioned in the Harry Potter universe now and the one that lives in Newt's case. Maybe that is because there are only three of these parasites that have ever been.

The Brother Obscurial

Thinking again at everything that Bathilda Bagshot had written about Arianna, the only things there were to know about her other than the reference to the painting that was placed in Hogmeade as a passage into the castle in The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Arianna was presumed killed as a young girl.

The brothers Dumbledore mourned her and it was more than either could take tearing apart their relationship. Albus moved on to a future in education in Hogwarts and Aberforth took over tending a shop not far from the brother than remained estranged.

Just as Credence survived his Obscura exploding from him, maybe Arianna did too and she is still alive somewhere in the Wizarding world just waiting to be pulled back out when she is needed most.

Perhaps she is living as a Muggle as it was hinted she wasn't really a Squib, or a person in a magical family with no power, just afraid to use hers after the attack by the Muggle boys.

Perhaps the reference to the brother is that the parasite what was inside Arianna recognizes that one that is now in Credence and calls him out.

Very few people have been Obscurials with the current count at possibly two, so is it even possible that after the Obscura that was in Arianna had escaped after her presumed death, that it could have gotten into Credence?

While it doesn't explain how he is a Dumbledore this could be a link.


Other Possibilities

In the Wizarding world, pure blood families like the Dumbledore's keep marrying into the other pure blood families keeping the gene pool small and selective as Salazar Slytherin would have wanted.

While all Harry Potter books and other sources find a way to showcase the extended family and relatives of those pure blood families, could it be possible that Aurelius is just a cousin or some other relation that is sharing the Dumbledore name?

As Harry and his friends found out in the last book, there was a lot they really didn't know about the man that they thought they have been devoted followers of so if there was an illegitimate Dumbledore child would someone have told?

Does this even mean that Aurelius is of pure blood? Could he have been hidden during this time because of the pure blood mania if one of his parents contributed to his half blood status or he was presumed to be Squib?

There is so much more to find out in the upcoming films and I hope as he find out more about young Dumbledore we get a clear answer.

Now it makes you wonder, how far in advance has J.K. Rowling had this planned and were there breadcrumbs we missed along the way to get us to this reveal?


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