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Can you describe some fun things to do together as a couple indoors (other than that!).

Updated on May 7, 2011

Things to do indoors as a couple

OK so you and the love of your life have been together for a year or two and are living together, your finances are running low for the entertainment budget and it's raining outside. Seems a cookout is out of the question what is there to do both entertaining and as a couple? Well believe it or not there is lots of things you can do, and no I'm not talking about laying in the bed naked all day long doing nothing all though if that is what you want to do then by all means go ahead and do it. Here are just some simple ideas to maybe help you on your way.

First thing you want to do as a couple is decide on something you both enjoy or want to do. You may opt in for a movie and popcorn or maybe even invite a friend, neighbor, or relative over to play a few board games and have dinner. It all depends on your budget and your personal preferences. As a couple if you are not up to the usual movie try cooking dinner together, rearranging your living room, putting that needed coat of paint in the bathroom, steam cleaning the carpet, hanging pictures on the wall or by doing something that needs to be done. Sure those are not necessarily everyone's idea of fun projects but by doing them together it not only becomes easier to get done but it is also something you both can stand and look back at and be pleased with the results at the same time being glad that it is finally done. Even with those kinds of household chores can be made fun simply by maybe phoning up a couple of close friends who you always enjoy your time with possibly having a few beers or mixed drinks and dinner after the work is accomplished. By having other people there if gives room for conversation, joking around, and even picture taking that make that chore not seem so much like work. So work related stuff is out of the question then you want to be creative. If you have a hobby you both enjoy doing together then maybe this would be a good time to go ahead and do some more of the drawing, cabinet making or wood working, canvas painting, clay modeling or any other hobby you may have. If you do not have any particular hobby that you either can't agree on or you both enjoy and have a little cash to spend try going to your local craft store and purchasing something for each of you to do. Keep in mind you do not have to spend a ton of money we only spent about twenty dollars we bought him a ceramic statue and basic paints and an oil paint by number for myself. That was how we settled the issue of having two different interests and on a rainy day we sat down and each did our own craft of choice while having snacks and conversation at the same time it made the afternoon relaxing, creative and most importantly not another boring day inside and we managed to have good quality time alone as a couple. Some people are happy with a box of crayons or markers and a coloring book no matter how childish it may seem I know I am guilty, If you enjoyed coloring as a child why not as an adult? Another creative idea is to maybe take that shoebox of photos you have and maybe making a scrapbook, photo album, collage or even a video photo album that you can watch on a DVD player when family visits. So the creative project thing is not your style maybe you want to play a game but you are bored of the standard video games and cards. Try creating a scavenger hunt in the house between you and your lover. Try using special things that you share and the little things that mean something to you as clues that will eventually lead to a treasure. Now what you use as a treasure is totally up to you, use your imagination and try to make it enjoyable and special. A scavenger hunt could be both fun and possibly romantic for the two of you. A great idea for friends to be involved would be to have a Clue mystery party. You could research how to do this online or maybe even through a local party store. Maybe planning for a future party would be something the two of you could do for a short while. There of those of you who enjoy intellectual conversation by researching online or reading your local newspaper you could find topics to talk or debate about. There are some of you who also enjoy mental stimulation doing a crossword puzzle, brain teasers, playing a game of scrabble, pictionary, Sudoku, Trivial Pursuit or other thinking games together can also be fun to do as a couple. If your the physically fit type maybe coming up with a new exercise routine or taking up a new type of exercise such as yoga or weight lifting, or even coming up with a new menu to live by will be enjoyable for the two of you. Ok here the best one and sometimes the most tricky and that's trying to do something romantic try having nice candlelight dinner or a nice hot bath together and talk about your future and your wants. Slow dancing to slow music or reminiscing about good times and looking at photos. There are so many things you can do to stay entertained and keep your love alive at the same time. Try incorporating some ideas of your own and try them together. Your options are seemingly endless so use your imagination and take into consideration the things that you both like to do you will find something you both enjoy. Later down the road by knowing these things it may help you to enjoy your quality time together after the kids are born and even give you something to bring the kids in on so that you may enjoy it as a family. The amount of enjoyment you get out of being indoors with the one you love is totally up to you and there is always something to do no matter how boring it may appear to be.


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