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The Top Canadian Reggae Summer Festivals

Updated on October 31, 2014

The summer is often filled with fun activities including BBQ, hanging with friends, and going to concerts. Choosing individual concerts is much easier then choosing festivals. Individual artists only go on limited tours, while great festivals happen through the summer season. That can make choosing the right mix of concerts and festivals a tricky choice. Before you fill up your calendar, take a look at these reggae festivals in Canada. You may just spot a new "must attend". There are more than what is listed here, but these are the key Canadian reggae festivals that happen in the summer.

The Calgary International Reggae Festival

The Calgary International Reggae Festival takes place each summer for two days in mid to late August in the beautiful, ten acre Shaw Millennium Park of downtown Calgary. This family friendly event is free for children under the age of 12 and has a great youth activities area that will keep the youngest of reggae listeners busy and happy. The festival, which began in 2004, is organized by the Calgary Reggae Festival Society, a group of musicians, reggae DJs, broadcasters, and event planners who had one common goal: to bring reggae music and culture to Calgary at an event that goes beyond all racial, cultural and musical boundaries. Enjoy the great music, food and vibes at this festival. Because parking is limited in downtown Calgary, public transportation to the festival is recommended.

The Saskatoon Reggae and World Music Festival

The Saskatoon Reggae and World Music Festival is an all ages, multicultural and vibrant event that usually takes place over a weekend in August. The location of this festival varies each year. With many exciting music workshops and dance performances happening throughout the day around Saskatoon, the main show wraps it up in the evening on the main stage, typically at an outdoor venue. In previous years, due to low sponsorship, the festival took place on just one day and the main event was moved inside. The non-profit organization Saskatoon Reggae Festival Inc. supports and showcases local, national and international performers for this event.

The Montreal International Reggae Festival

The Montreal International Reggae Festival is Canada's largest outdoor reggae festival. Located in The Old Port, this popular festival is typically held during mid august over three days of reggae rockin' fun. The festival has been embracing their theme of "United Against Violence" since it began in 2004. On the premises are a variety of restaurants as well as many activities for children. Enjoy the charm and history of old Montreal while soaking up a weekend of reggae music and culture.

The Edmonton Reggae Festival

The Edmonton Reggae Festival is a new festival that began in August 2014. This one day family event showcased a wide variety of musicians from independent Alberta artists to legendary stars. The festival will most likely be held at Louis Mckinney Riverfront Park where, aside from great reggae beats, there will be an array of mouth watering Caribbean cuisine, activities to keep the kids busy, and vendors displaying a variety of merchandise from around the world. A portion of the money for this event is donated to the Edmonton Food Bank, and people are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to donate at the entrance.

The Soca Reggae Festival

Usually happening over three days around the second weekend in July, the Soca Reggae Festival is a unique festival with a mission to promote more local awareness of Soca and Reggae music, as well as lobby for more presence on mainstream media. Soca ,a modern form of Calypso that combines Indian rhythm, is associated with the Eastern Caribbean. The festival is located at Old Market Square in downtown Winnipeg and hosts a variety of Caribbean food, craft vendors and a beverage garden.

Did I miss a important festival? Let me know in the comments below!

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